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  1. Note by Charles John Kean of theatrical costumes worn ca. 1850-1859 [manuscript], [19th century]. (1)
  2. Note by John Burrell, minister of St. Peter's, Thetford, noting the dates of baptism of Sir Charles's brothers and their wives (2)
  3. Note concerning buyers of corn (2)
  4. Note concerning mediation between Jacob Tonson and his cousin? (2)
  5. Note concerning the purchase of a book from the bookseller Francis Smethwicke (2)
  6. Note from Henry Bedingfield[?] to an unknown Lord (2)
  7. Note from Sir Godfrey Kneller to Jacob Tonson I : autograph manuscript signed (2)
  8. Note from Trowbridge to Folger - says glad Folger accepted his recommendation of Brenda Putnam as sculptor instead of Mrs. Hawks (1)
  9. Note from William Plomer to the bailiff of the manor of Kings Walden (5)
  10. Note from William Robert Baker : autograph manuscript initialed (3)
  11. Note of baptism of Francis Newby, St. Dunstan's Church in the West, April 2, 1624; "My father Samuell Newby gave me this booke ye 7th of October 1644 ... F.N."; signature of William Wall, 1827; Elizabeth Boggis 22 April 1789, Harmsworth copy. (6)
  12. Note of debt signed from William Hale (3)
  13. Note of deeds entered into by William Clopton of Clopton, Warwickshire, Esq. (4)
  14. Note of Edmund Freake, Bishop of Norwich answering questions concerning fees for induction into benifices (2)
  15. Note of expenditures for 1594-95 (2)
  16. Note of expenses allowed signed by Lord Hunsdon, Lord Chamberlain of the Household, to Richard Brakenbury, gentleman usher to the Queen (2)
  17. Note of Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury (4)
  18. Note of litigation between Sir Roger Townshend, 1st bart., and Thomas Goddard (2)
  19. Note of money due to Thomas Hutton from William Clopton (3)
  20. Note of monies due to Rose Hale (3)