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Ord-Order f

  1. Order by Nathaniel Bacon and Robert Redmayne concerning punishment of James Harrison (2)
  2. Order concerning the case of Anthony Cage, querent, and Rose Hale and Rowland Hale, defendants (3)
  3. Order for a muster by the Commissioners of Musters, Northamptonshire, to the bailiff of Fawsley hundred (4)
  4. Order for a new commission for examination in case of Anthony Cage v. Rose Hale (5)
  5. Order for a payment by the Exchequer [manuscript], 1680. (2)
  6. Order for payment from Exchequer (2)
  7. Order for payment from Exchequer to Fulke Greville, Treasurer of the Navy (2)
  8. Order for royal household payments (3)
  9. Order for the collection of the second subsidy, addressed to the high constables within the wapentake of Osgodcrosse and Staincross, West Riding, Yorkshire (2)
  10. Order for Thomas Lambard to be admitted to new rooms at Lincoln���s Inn, London (2)
  11. Order from Court of Wards in case of William Hale vs. William Goodrige, Thomas Younge, William Feild and 11 others concerning payment of tithes (3)
  12. Order from Lourdin seigneur de Salegny to Arnault Saint Jehan and 4 other commanders of the garrison of Priguemault (?) (2)
  13. Order from Nathaniel Bacon in the Thomas Blofield-Sir John Wyndham case (2)
  14. Order from Nathaniell Stokes to the Constables of the Allotment of Preece, Shropshire (3)
  15. Order from Norfolk justcies, touching a loan for Bohemia : copy (2)
  16. Order from Oliver Cromwell to Robert Bennet : copy (3)
  17. Order from Parliament to the officers and commissioners of the navy (4)
  18. Order from Sir Charles Harbord, surveyor general, to Robert Bennet : copy (4)
  19. Order from Sir John Tufton for Captain Ralph Bufkin to quarter his Company of Foot at Aylesford, Kent (3)
  20. Order from the Committee at Hertford : copy (3)