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  1. Orders concerning punishment of James Harrison in a case of bastardy. (2)
  2. Orders for payments (16)
  3. Orders for solemn humiliations and fasts [manuscript], 1648. (4)
  4. Orders for victualling addressed by the Admiralty office to the Navy board : copies (2)
  5. Orders from the Lord of Hostes, for regulating the hostes of the Lord. Set down in a sermon preached at the leaguer before Newark, on Friday the 27th of March, 1646. By order from, and at the desire of the Committee of Lords and Commons, commissioners from the Parliament of England. Upon occasion of a publick fast and solemn humiliation, appointed to be kept that day throughout the English and Scotish armies before Newark, to seek a blessing from heaven upon the proceedings of the said forces in the present siege of that garrison. By Edward Reyner preacher of the Gospel in the city of Lincoln. (2)
  6. Orders of the commissioners of Parliament for removing obstructions in the sale of the Honors (15)
  7. Orders of the Council of the North (8)
  8. Orders of the House of Commons (8)
  9. Orders of the Privy Council (7)
  10. Orders to be observed by the Lords Lieutenant, 1588? : manuscript copy (4)
  11. Ordinaire des chrestiens. English. Thordynary of crysten men: (1)
  12. Ordinances for the manor of King's Walden (5)
  13. Ordinances of Nathaniel Bacon for Hemsby, Norfolk (3)
  14. Ordinary of arms [manuscript], ca. 1604. (1)
  15. Ordine della caualcata del sommo pontefice quando piglia il possesso a Santo Giouanni Laterano [graphic] / Antonio Tempesta invent. et sculp. (5)
  16. Ordinum equestrium, ac militarium brevis narratio : cum imaginibus exposita / a P. Coronelli ; quamplurimis additionibus locupletatis, nempè Curiae romanae, hebraeorum, graecorumvè, in anterioribus editionibus ommissis = Degli ordini equestri, e militari : esposti in imagini breve racconto / aggiontevi dal P. Coronelli ; le rappresentanti la Curia romana, gli ebrei, e greci, nelle anteriori edizioni ommesse. (1)
  17. Ordonnantie provisionnael ons heeren des Conincx opt stuck ende tolerantie vanden prijs ende loop vande gouden ende silueren munte, cours ende ganck hebbende ouer al des C. Maiesteyts landen van herwertsouer. (5)
  18. Ordre des ceremonies du sacre et couronnement du Henry IIII. English. The order of ceremonies obserued in the annointing and coronation of the most Christian King of France & Nauarre, Henry the IIII. of that name, celebrated in our Lady Church, in the cittie of Chartres vppon Sonday the 27. of February 1594. Faithfully translated out of the French coppy printed at Roan, by commaundement of the said Lord. by E.A (3)
  19. Oresme, Nicole, ca. 1320-1382. (1)
  20. Origen, perdida, y restauracion de la Virgen de Sagrado / de don Pedro Calderon de la Barca. (2)