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O -O1 O1-Ob Ob-Oc Oc-Od Od-Of Of-Off Off-Og Og-Ol Ol-o O-Olivi olk (-O O-One One-One blank flyleaf and a s One blank flyleaf and a s-One e One f-One o One o-One s One s-Onl Onl-Onw Onw-Op Op-Open covers, Open covers,-Open covers, 15 Open covers, 15-Open covers, 16 Open covers, 16-Open covers, 17 Open covers, 18-Open covers, 186 Open covers, 186-Open covers, 2 Open covers, 2-Open covers, 22 Open covers, 22-Open covers, 25 Open covers, 25-Open covers, A Open covers, A-Open covers, B Open covers, B-Open covers, C Open covers, C-Open covers, N Open covers, N-Open covers, P Open covers, P-Open covers, PA8 Open covers, PA8-Open covers, PQ Open covers, PQ-Open covers, PR Open covers, QH-Open covers, S Open covers, S-Open covers, STC 11 Open covers, STC 11-Open covers, STC 12 Open covers, STC 12-Open covers, STC 13 Open covers, STC 13-Open covers, STC 15 Open covers, STC 15-Open covers, STC 16 Open covers, STC 16-Open covers, STC 18 Open covers, STC 18-Open covers, STC 2 Open covers, STC 2-Open covers, STC 3 Open covers, STC 3-Open covers, STC 4 Open covers, STC 4-Open covers, STC 6 Open covers, STC 6-Open covers, STC 7 Open covers, STC 7-Open covers, STC 9 Open covers, T.b. -Open covers, V Open covers, V-Open covers, W Open covers, W-Oph Oph-Ophelia. Ophelia:-Opu Opu-Or Or-Ord Ord-Order f Order f-Order o Order o-Orders Orders-Ori Ori-Originall Originall-Origine Orlandi-Orn Orn-Os Os-Ot Ot-Othello e Othello e-Othello, Othello,-Othello, act I Othello, act I-Othello, t Othello, T-Ott Ott-Ov Ov-Ove Ove-Ovi Ovi-Ow Ow-Ox Ox-Oxford. Oxford:-Oxo


  1. Original ca. 1800 front cover, STC 22273 fo.1 no.79 (1)
  2. Original ca. 1800 front pastedown (detail), STC 22273 fo.1 no.79 (1)
  3. Original ca. 1800 headband, STC 22273 fo.1 no.79 (1)
  4. Original ca. 1800 spine, STC 22273 fo.1 no.79 (1)
  5. Original dark brown calfskin onlaid onto 20th century brown goatskin rebinding. (2)
  6. Original decoration in gold and silver, worked to a panel design with an egg and dart roll border, framed by two gilt fillets on either side, plus a set of arabesque corners blocked in gold. A ragged staff stamped in silver is placed on all four sides of the central roundel (99 mm in circumference) of the Dudley badge, blocked in gold and silver with green paint on part of the base. 20th-century finishing on the spine. (2)
  7. Original designs for Henry Irving's production of Shakespeare's King Henry the Eighth, January 5, 1892. (5)
  8. Original green sprinkled edge treatment, worn and not very clear. (2)
  9. Original headband on the bottom is sewn with blue and white linen thread with a front bead, sewn over an rolled tanned leather core. The top headband is newer, sewn with a green and white silk thread with a front bead. (6)
  10. Original miniature from life of Robert Baddeley [graphic]. (1)
  11. Original paste-down and tie fragment, STC 3252. (1)
  12. Original photo from life, Edwin Booth [graphic]. (1)
  13. Original plain laid paper paste-down with a later four leaf flyleaf reinforced with starched cloth tipped in. (3)
  14. Original red sprinkled edge treatment discernible but no longer clear due to unevenness of the edge. (2)
  15. Original spine liners, STC 12642. (1)
  16. Original vellum cover, STC 12158.8. (1)
  17. Original vellum loose flyleaf. New single flyleaf and paste-down. (4)
  18. Original, four single raised bands (mid 17th century). (1)
  19. Originally a dark brown calfskin (only fragments remain around and under the catch plates on the back cover) now half-covered beige sheepskin with 18th century decorative combed pink paste paper sides. (4)
  20. Originally brown calfskin now rebound in brown goatskin with the original cover onlaid on the back. (2)