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Othello, T-Ott

  1. Othello, Theatre Royal, Covent Garden (1)
  2. Othello, V, 2 : Othello killing Desdemona [graphic]. (1)
  3. Othello, V, 2 [at the Shaftesbury] Othello: "Set you down this ... I took by the throat the circumcised dog and smote him thus" Miss Tita Brand as Desdemona, Mr. Hubert Carter as Othello [graphic] / Max Cowper. (1)
  4. Othello, V, 2, "It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul; Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars, It is the cause..." [graphic] / [Ludovico Marchetti]. (1)
  5. Othello, V, 2, Des.: "And yet I fear you, for you are fatal then, when your eyes roll so! Why I should fear I know not, since guiltiness I know not, but yet, I feel I fear" [graphic] / signed HMP. (1)
  6. Othello, V, 2, Othello: "Othello, Ha! No more moving, still as the grave" Mr. Forbes Robertson as Othello, Miss Gertrude Elliot as Desdemona, performed at the Lyric [graphic] / Max Cowper. (1)
  7. Othello, V, 8 [i.e. 2, Othello, Emilia, Iago, and others] [graphic] / L. Frølich. (1)
  8. Othello. "Let me see your eyes. Look in my face", Desdemona. "What horrible fancy is this?", The Moor of Venice, act IV, scene II [graphic] / F.O.C. Darley, 1884. (1)
  9. Othello. : Five acts. (4)
  10. Othello. Othello and Desdemona, act V, sc. 2, Yet I'll not shed her blood [graphic] / A. Kauffman, inv. ; Collier, sculp. (1)
  11. Othello. Othello, Desdemona asleep, act V, scene II [graphic] / Boydell, del. ; Starling, sc. (1)
  12. Othello: Alas, the heavy day! ... act 4, scene 2 [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; Rhodes sculp. (1)
  13. Othello: Fetch me that handkerchief... Othello, act III, sc. 4 [graphic] / K. Meadows. (1)
  14. Othello: Othello and Desdemona, act IV, scene II [graphic] / Porter, del. ; T. Starling, sc. (1)
  15. Othello: She swore in faith, twas strange, twas passing strange ... act I, sc. 3 [graphic] / drawn by J. Thurston ; engraved by C. Armstrong. (1)
  16. Othello: Yet I'll not shed her blood ... Othello, act V, scene 2 [graphic] / H. Singleton, del. ; C. Taylor, direxit et sculpt. (1)
  17. Otis Skinner and Kitty Cheatham (in costume) [graphic] / photograph by Sarony. (1)
  18. Otis Skinner as Lucentio [in Shakespeare's Taming of the shrew] [graphic]. (2)
  19. Ottens, Joachim, 1663-1719, publisher. (1)
  20. Otto Sarony Co., photographer. (7)