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O -O1 O1-Ob Ob-Oc Oc-Od Od-Of Of-Off Off-Og Og-Ol Ol-o O-Olivi olk (-O O-One One-One blank flyleaf and a s One blank flyleaf and a s-One e One f-One o One o-One s One s-Onl Onl-Onw Onw-Op Op-Open covers, Open covers,-Open covers, 15 Open covers, 15-Open covers, 16 Open covers, 16-Open covers, 17 Open covers, 18-Open covers, 186 Open covers, 186-Open covers, 2 Open covers, 2-Open covers, 22 Open covers, 22-Open covers, 25 Open covers, 25-Open covers, A Open covers, A-Open covers, B Open covers, B-Open covers, C Open covers, C-Open covers, N Open covers, N-Open covers, P Open covers, P-Open covers, PA8 Open covers, PA8-Open covers, PQ Open covers, PQ-Open covers, PR Open covers, QH-Open covers, S Open covers, S-Open covers, STC 11 Open covers, STC 11-Open covers, STC 12 Open covers, STC 12-Open covers, STC 13 Open covers, STC 13-Open covers, STC 15 Open covers, STC 15-Open covers, STC 16 Open covers, STC 16-Open covers, STC 18 Open covers, STC 18-Open covers, STC 2 Open covers, STC 2-Open covers, STC 3 Open covers, STC 3-Open covers, STC 4 Open covers, STC 4-Open covers, STC 6 Open covers, STC 6-Open covers, STC 7 Open covers, STC 7-Open covers, STC 9 Open covers, T.b. -Open covers, V Open covers, V-Open covers, W Open covers, W-Oph Oph-Ophelia. Ophelia:-Opu Opu-Or Or-Ord Ord-Order f Order f-Order o Order o-Orders Orders-Ori Ori-Originall Originall-Origine Orlandi-Orn Orn-Os Os-Ot Ot-Othello e Othello e-Othello, Othello,-Othello, act I Othello, act I-Othello, t Othello, T-Ott Ott-Ov Ov-Ove Ove-Ovi Ovi-Ow Ow-Ox Ox-Oxford. Oxford:-Oxo


  1. Otto, Georg, 1544?-post 1604. (3)
  2. Ottoman Empire (4)
  3. Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685, author. (8)
  4. Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685. (2)
  5. Oughtred, William, 1575-1660, author. (21)
  6. Oulton, Richard, fl. 1633-1643, printer. (7)
  7. Our contributors no. XI, R.T. Conrad [graphic] / from an original by Williams ; engraved by R.W. Dodson. (1)
  8. Our Shakespeare wrote the Bible ... (1)
  9. Out of the frying pan into the fire [manuscript] : a tragi-comi-operatic farce. (1)
  10. Outer border of one blind and two gilt fillets with small daisy tool at each corner. Gilt corners cut to a floral horn figure on a hatched ground, with a separate scroll tool stamped on either side. Traces of two narrow gold lines dividing each side into four; these are used as guidelines for the central gilt block of an arabesque and strapwork design on a horizontal hatched ground, with the centermost piece given a vertical hatched ground. A fleuron tool is stamped at head and tail of the block with a seme of stars filling the rest of the panel; a guilloche gilt roll edges each board. Smooth spine of 11 compartments decorated alternately with hatching, dicing, a fleuron, and a Renaissance ornament tool (finishing in the top compartment is new). (3)
  11. Outer border of three blind fillets and one gilt fillet. Inner panel of gilt and blind fillets, blocked with a set of corners, to an interlaced floral and strapwork design on a hatched ground. A roundel bearing the Dudley crest and motto is blocked in the center, with a semè of rosettes and a gilt acanthus tool at angles. Six of the seven original compartments of the spine worked with contemporary and later gold tooling. (3)
  12. Outer border of two gilt single fillets with the area between them painted black. Within the panel is gold tooled intertwining strapwork, in a "Grolieresque" style, painted white and made to look old by flaking away of some pigment. In center of strapwork on upper cover, a small coat of arms painted blue with three gold fleurs-de-lis. On lower cover, a coat of arms with the Medici pawnbroker balls, painted red. Background a seri-16 of gold dots. Spine divided into seven compartments; center three gold tooled with interlaced letter C's; others decorated with gilt floral roll. Edges of boards gilt with line and hatched decoration. Edges gilt, gauffered in a strapwork pattern, and painted in orange, red, and slate blue; design includes a crowned letter "C." (4)
  13. Outer border tooled with a double linen fillet and an anthemion tulip and fleuron decorative roll. A later center design was poorly tooled with an intertwining lobed band work motif tooled with triple line gouges. The center of the design is blind tooled with "Augustin" stamped on front cover and the date "MCCCCXC" on the back cover. (1)
  14. Outer panel of a gilt double fillet and dotted roll. Inner panel of a double gilt fillet with arches at head and tail edges. Between panels, at corners, are stylized blossoms. Gilt dotted stamps decorate remainder of cover. Center bears a gilt fleuron. Second spine compartment of five bears title in gilt; others have gilt lines and small gilt ornaments. Turn-ins with gilt fillet lines and dots. (1)
  15. Outer panel of rolls and fillets within which is a double-line frame of corner and side pieces forming an oval window. Corner and side pieces filled with elaborate volutes, fleurons, and a central floral spray with a rosebud and blossom, all interspersed with stars and dots. Six spine compartments filled with fleuron decorations; author and title tooled in second compartment. Top and bottom compartments divided into large and small panels with "Lon." and "1630" in the lower panel. Edges of boards gilt with double fillet. Turn-ins have full roll borders. "David," the binder, and "Domont," the finisher, are tooled at bottom of upper and lower cover turn-ins. (3)
  16. Outhwaite, J. (Jean), 19th cent., printmaker. (1)
  17. Outram, J. (John), 19th cent., printmaker. (1)
  18. outside of the Globe (1)
  19. Ouvry, Frederic, 1814-1881, former owner. (1)
  20. Ova Paschalia Sacro Emblemate inscripta descriptáq[ue]. (4)