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  1. Ovids Metamorphosis Englished, mythologiz'd, and represented in figures. An essay to the translation of Virgil's Æneis. By G. S. (17)
  2. Ovids Metamorphosis Englished, mythologiz'd, and represented in figures. An essay to the translation of Virgil's Æneis. By G. S. (17)
  3. Ovington, J. (John), 1653-1731. (2)
  4. Owen Fawcett as the gravedigger [in Shakespeare's Hamlet] [graphic]. (1)
  5. Owen, John, 1616-1683 (1)
  6. Owen, Thomas, former owner. (1)
  7. Owen, W. (William), -1793, bookseller. (3)
  8. Owen, William Florence, 1844-1906, correspondent. (2)
  9. Owens [graphic]. (1)
  10. Owens, Jessie Ann. (1)
  11. Owens, Mary C. Stevens (Mary Cornelia Stevens), 1828-1913, correspondent. (4)
  12. Owles, Thomas, active 1605-1618. (14)
  13. Owner's coat of arms at foot of leaf a2r (azure, on a saltire argent, 3 fleur-de-lis or); purchased in 1916. (2)
  14. Owner's personal stamp (detail), PR2842 .A12 Copy 3 Sh. Col. (1)
  15. Owners inscription (detail), STC 13569 copy 4. (1)
  16. Ownership inscription (?) on 1st leaf, defaced, illegible; Syston Park bookplate and monogram label of Sir John H. Thorold (no. 857 in the Sotheby sale catalog of his library, Dec. 1884). (2)
  17. Ownership inscription at end of text: Liber Iste qui Rationale diuino[rum] nuncupatur pertinet <michi> ad me Nicolao Iacoletj de amancia p[res]b[yte]ro Curato d[e] magnaco p[ro]pe Iusseyum bis[unti] dioc[ese] [...] die nona mens[is] octobris Anno D[o]m[ini] Millemo. quadringentesimo octuagesimo quinto", followed by floral device with initials N.I.P., and signature "N. Iacoletj"; the same device in brown ink appears in other pts. of the book; large bookplate(?) partially defaced of François-Augustin Marquis, with date 1760, covering his ownership inscription "Francisc[us] augustin. Marquis senator bisunt." (revealed through ethanol treatment); bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (4)
  18. Ownership inscription at head of t.p. "B. Dockray 1820"; bookplates of Charles Butler (no. 191 in the Sotheby sale catalog of his library, April 1911) and of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (2)
  19. Ownership inscription handwritten twice on p. 222: "Phillip leson his bok"; armorial bookplate "Frances Mary Richardson Currer"; another bookplate partly pasted on top of it, with crest "Sir Edward Cholmy. Dering" (3)
  20. Ownership inscription in brown ink at head of leaf a1r "Conue[n]t[u]s S. Dñici de Bono[...?]; other inscriptions on front flyleaf "This Book bought at Delft in Holland, January 4th 1814, by Edward Spencer Curling No. 16--LXXX", and "No. 126[...?]" (partially covered by a torn label) in upper left corner; small label "F.B. Goldney. Loan. No. 884" on front pastedown; bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (1)