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  1. Ownership inscription in brown ink on t.p.: "Est S. Ioannis in Valle", following shelfmark: "C alto 3 no. 6."; bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (2)
  2. Ownership inscription of a priest, Herman Drehus alias Halffwassen; given by his servants in 1500 to a Carthusian monastery in Coesfeld(?), "domus Castuensis." Bookplate of Robert Buchanan Stewart; his sale at Sotheby's, April 19, 1888, lot 1044; purchased by H. C. Folger as part of the library of W. T. Smedley (b. 1851). (1)
  3. Ownership inscription on front flyleaf "... Dav: Dalrymple 1754" followed by a few notes; purchased in 1960. (1)
  4. Ownership inscription on leaf [a]3r "Templi Lüttoniensis S. Marci"; purchased in 1958. (3)
  5. Ownership inscription on leaf a1r, incomplete from cropping of edge, reading: "Questa uita di scõ Zenobi ho dus[?] Sforzo da do[...?]"; another inscription on verso of last leaf, reading: "Questo libro della ujta d[e]l glorioso [...] Zenobio é d[?] dus[?] sforzo dj domenico dacaste[...?] scõ g[iovann]i diualdarno oggi g[iorn]o dj 22 dj maggi. i540"; booklabel of George Dunn, with his initials, date "Oct. 1902" and notes pencilled on front free endpaper (no. 3460 in the Sotheby sale catalog of his library, Nov. 1917); purchased in 1921 (2)
  6. Ownership inscription on leaf a2r: Can: Reg: Mon[aste]rij Waldsee. (6)
  7. Ownership inscription on t.p.: Sigismundi Höpfner. (2)
  8. Ownership inscription on verso of last leaf, defaced, illegible; bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (10)
  9. Ownership inscription underneath paste-down, BR 65 A67 1516 Cage. (1)
  10. Ownership inscriptions of the Fisher family: "Rebekah Fisher Her Booke The Gift of Her Father in the Year 1678" in ink. Printed book label bound before title page: "Rebekah Fisher, Daughter of William and Mary Fisher, Was born the 7th of January, 1660. And Baptixed [sic] the 17th of the same." "Fisher Mount Baker ex dono Matris." and "William Fisher Dimond the gift of his grandmother Sarah Lucas and delivered to him on her death 29 January 1787" on beginning fly leaves. (2)
  11. Ownership inscriptions on first leaf "liber mei Iohẽs Haeke de Ruẽmũd.", and "Iste lib[er] p[er]tin[et] [con]ue[n]tui frm̃ s[anc]t[a]e cr[ucis] i[n] Rur[em]unda ad s[anc]tum̃ Corneliu[m] ex pia dona[tione] vidu[alis?] Dni. io. Haeck artiu[m] libraliu[m] mgri. medicinarũq[ue] licenciati exp[er]tissi ..."; lower pt. of 1st leaf (bearing provenance?) has been cut off and replaced; another inscription on leaf a2r "Cruciferorum Ruremũd[ae]"; bookplate of Francis Hopkinson and his notes on front endpaper locating the printing in Basel; also a bookplate with motto "Arise. Pray. Work"; purchased in 1917. (12)
  12. Ownership inscriptions on front endpaper (the 1st one repeated and dated 1503 and 1507), reading: "Iste liber est Concesus ad vsu[m] D. Antoni Nouariensis Qui legerint eu[m] orent pro eo ad dominu[m]", "1526 M. Pedro Paulo de vinzago in porta Ticinesa [...?] al ne[...?] [...?] Boniforte Amico et Cognato n[ost]ro", and "1724 Io Gio. Batt[ist]a Belluzi [?] Ad. 10 Jullio del [...?] Ann. [...?]"; another mark of ownership, defaced, illegible on recto of 1st leaf; bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (3)
  13. Ownership inscriptions on t.p.: "Thomas cracokes", "Ri: Phillipps", "John Gaylor", "Ambrosius westburiensis Episcopus Aprill 27. 1666 ..."; early device with initials "T C" on verso of leaf Ff8v (in pencil, covered with black ink, as later inscription below colophon reading: "Printed at Mentz 1483"); the same device inscribed on upper edge in brown ink; inscription on leaf l3v "John shines wyll[ia]m nycole corbe"; inscription on t.p. verso: "d. Ayr Brown U.S. Patent Office 1853"; armorial bookplate "Schmidtchen"; gift of Mrs. Mary P. Massey (Dec. 19, 1994). (8)
  14. Ownership signature on second fly leaf "Catherine Perry her Book June ye 22d 1768 ???". Signed "Mary Winsor 1830" at top of title page. (3)
  15. Oxberry, W. (William), 1784-1824. (2)
  16. Oxenden, Henry, 1614-1686, signer. (2)
  17. Oxford : John Baskett, 1721. (3)
  18. Oxford : Printed [by Robert Young, Edinburgh, 1635?, by Miles Flesher, London, 1638, and by Leonard Lichfield and William Turner, Oxford] for Henry Cripps, 1638. (2)
  19. Oxford : printed at the Theater, an. Dom., 1722. (3)
  20. Oxford : Printed by I. L[ichfield] printer to the Vniversity, for Thomas Huggins, 1633. (6)