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O -O1 O1-Ob Ob-Oc Oc-Od Od-Of Of-Off Off-Og Og-Ol Ol-o O-Olivi olk (-O O-One One-One blank flyleaf and a s One blank flyleaf and a s-One e One f-One o One o-One s One s-Onl Onl-Onw Onw-Op Op-Open covers, Open covers,-Open covers, 15 Open covers, 15-Open covers, 16 Open covers, 16-Open covers, 17 Open covers, 18-Open covers, 186 Open covers, 186-Open covers, 2 Open covers, 2-Open covers, 22 Open covers, 22-Open covers, 25 Open covers, 25-Open covers, A Open covers, A-Open covers, B Open covers, B-Open covers, C Open covers, C-Open covers, N Open covers, N-Open covers, P Open covers, P-Open covers, PA8 Open covers, PA8-Open covers, PQ Open covers, PQ-Open covers, PR Open covers, QH-Open covers, S Open covers, S-Open covers, STC 11 Open covers, STC 11-Open covers, STC 12 Open covers, STC 12-Open covers, STC 13 Open covers, STC 13-Open covers, STC 15 Open covers, STC 15-Open covers, STC 16 Open covers, STC 16-Open covers, STC 18 Open covers, STC 18-Open covers, STC 2 Open covers, STC 2-Open covers, STC 3 Open covers, STC 3-Open covers, STC 4 Open covers, STC 4-Open covers, STC 6 Open covers, STC 6-Open covers, STC 7 Open covers, STC 7-Open covers, STC 9 Open covers, T.b. -Open covers, V Open covers, V-Open covers, W Open covers, W-Oph Oph-Ophelia. Ophelia:-Opu Opu-Or Or-Ord Ord-Order f Order f-Order o Order o-Orders Orders-Ori Ori-Originall Originall-Origine Orlandi-Orn Orn-Os Os-Ot Ot-Othello e Othello e-Othello, Othello,-Othello, act I Othello, act I-Othello, t Othello, T-Ott Ott-Ov Ov-Ove Ove-Ovi Ovi-Ow Ow-Ox Ox-Oxford. Oxford:-Oxo

olk (-O

  1. olk (England). Justices of the Peace. (7)
  2. Ollivant, Alfred, 1798-1882, former owner. (45)
  3. Olney, Henry. (1)
  4. Omnium fere gentium nostrae aetatis habitus... (2)
  5. Omnium gentium mores, leges & ritus / ex multis clarissimis rerum scriptoribus, à Ioanne Boëmo Aubano Teutonico nuper collecti, & nouissime recogniti ; tribus libris absolutum opus, Aphricam Asiam & Europam describentibus, non sine indice locupletissimo. (4)
  6. Omnium pene Europae… gentium habitus… (1)
  7. Omnium pene Europae� gentium habitus� (1)
  8. on a1v: E Libris Caroli Beaumont, Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy (2)
  9. On board the SS Minehaha (photo) (1)
  10. On board the SS Minehaha, Captain John Robinson (photo) (1)
  11. On both title-pages: signature of Anthony Bell (?); armorial bookplate of Thomas Philip Earl de Grey, Wrest Park (motto "Foy est tout") and of Anthony Earle of Kent: 1702; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  12. On episcopacy (6)
  13. On first blank leaf: Latin MS. notes indicate this was given to Franco Petri Burgersdijck by Stephen Goffe; and inscription of John Sergeant, dated 1701; bookplate of Ragley Hall Library (motto 'Fide et amore') [Marquess of Hertford copy]. (2)
  14. On four single raised cords laced into the board and fanned out on the inside. (2)
  15. On four single raised supports, three tanned and one alum tawed. (3)
  16. on front and back covers gilt-stamped initials of "A W"; book-label of H. Salmon; From the John Dryden Collection formed by Percy J. Dobell (2)
  17. on front and back covers the arms of Frederick Perkins, Chipstead, Kent; engraved bookplate of Thomas Jefferson McKee (motto "meum et tuum"); Folger purchase from John Anderson ("Catalogue of the library of the late Thomas J. McKee ... part III," no. 2508) (1)
  18. On front free endpaper: inscription: 'Lot 1130 P. M. Pittar Sale Sotheby's 25 July 1918' and description from bookseller's catalog pasted above inscription. (2)
  19. On hearing that Mr. Garrick intended to play Hamlet this evening. (2)
  20. On marriage. Being a parody on Hamlet's soliloquy. (1)