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  1. Onlays -- United States -- 19th century. (2)
  2. Onlays -- United States -- 20th century. (12)
  3. Onlays of green goatskin in geometrical shapes applied in a symmetrical design. Outer panel of green goatskin filled with volutes and other small tools flanked by double fillets and decorative rolls. Panel filled with 28 onlays of different shapes, each bordered by a double fillet and filled with volutes and fleurons. Second of six spine compartments tooled with title; remaining compartments have small green goatskin onlays within two-line panels and borders. Date and place of publication tooled in bottom panel. Edges of boards gilt with a volute roll. Leather doublure tooled with a roll border and two-line fillets. At bottom a gilt monogram of Robert Hoe, "THE CLUB BINDERY 1907," and "LEON MAILLARD FINISHER." (1)
  4. Onlays. (31)
  5. Only a paste-down conjugate to the title page. (1)
  6. Only a single paste-down is extant, with canvas spine liner underneath. (2)
  7. Only paste-downs extant with spine liners underneath. (4)
  8. only paste-downs remain (6)
  9. Only plain paper paste-downs. (3)
  10. Only single page paste-down extant with vellum spine liners underneath. (3)
  11. Only single paste-down extant. (2)
  12. Only the manuscript writing. (5)
  13. Only the top headband remains sewn with blue and white linen thread with a front bead over a rolled tawed core, anchored only at the beginning and end and once in the middle. (6)
  14. Onomasticon theologicum… (3)
  15. Onstelde-zee (1)
  16. Onvphri Panulnii … Topographia Romae… (1)
  17. Onwhyn, F. (Fanny), artist. (2)
  18. Onwhyn, F. (Fanny), printmaker. (2)
  19. Onwhyn, Joseph, 1787-1870, publisher. (2)
  20. Onwhyn, Thomas, ca. 1820-1886, artist. (1)