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  1. Questions of the House of Lords to the Admiralty Board, concerning the movements of Sir George Rooke (2)
  2. Questions, concernyng conie-hood, and the nature of the conie. : Of which, vnder the moderatorship of honie-mouth Stengler, conie-cacther: Merie-pate, the knaue of clubbes, being aunswerer. To take degree in the same facultie shalbe disputed: in the after (8)
  3. Questo è Pietro Aretino, poeta Tosco [graphic] / Titianus pinxit ; W. Hollar fecit, 1647. (1)
  4. Qui congregat thesauros lingua mendacit, vanus & excors est, & impingetur ad laqueos mortis, Proverb. 21 [graphic] / H.B. i. [center plate] ; W.H. [center plate] ; Ab. a Diepenbecke inu. [border] ; W. Hollar fecit [border]. (1)
  5. Quia audisti vocem vxoris tuae, & comedisti de ligno ex quo praeceperam tibi ne comederes, &c., Gen. 3 [graphic] / H.B. i. [center plate] ; W.H. [center plate] ; Ab. à Dvpenbeché inu. [border] ; W. Hollar fecit [border]. (1)
  6. Quid prodest homini si vniuersum muntum lucretur animae autem suae detrimentum patiatur, Matth. 16 [graphic] / H.B. i. [center plate] ; W.H. [center plate] ; Ab. a Diepenbecke inu. [border] ; W. Hollar fecit [border]. (1)
  7. Quietus for William Coventry (2)
  8. Quilley, H, fl. 1835, printmaker. (1)
  9. Quinault, Philippe, 1635-1688, author. (7)
  10. Quinault, Philippe, 1635-1688. (1)
  11. Quins monument, Bath [graphic] / drawn on the spot by J. Nixon ; Sparrow, sc. (1)
  12. Quintilian. (9)
  13. Quis hic? Candidus: intrepidus; verax; studiosus honesti ... Sleidanus, F. Johannes Paulus Crusius P.L. [graphic] / Iac v. Heyden, sculp. (1)
  14. Quit rent levied at Ayott (3)
  15. Quitclaim by Ann Smith of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, widow, to Sir Charles Rich (4)
  16. Quitclaim from Dionisia Williamson of Knapton, Norfolk to Rowland Hale of King's Walden, Hertfordshire (5)
  17. Quitclaim from George Lambart of Cockrington, Lincolnshire (5)
  18. Quitclaim from George Say of New Windsor, Berkshire, to James Joyce of New Windsor, Berkshire (5)
  19. Quitclaim from James Farmer of Aston Flamville, Leicestershire, to Hugh Kirke of St. Mary Strand (3)
  20. Quitclaim from Jane Plane of Borley, Essex, to Robert Poole of Otten Belchamp, Essex (3)