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  1. Quitclaim from Joane Thruxton of Edworth, Bedfordshire, widow, to William Hale of King's Walden (5)
  2. Quitclaim from Joane Thruxton to Edward Thruxton, her son (5)
  3. Quitclaim from John Wyston of South Creake, Norfolk, to John Pepys (3)
  4. Quitclaim from Mary Worlidge, spinster of Alresford, Southamptonshire (5)
  5. Quitclaim from Richard Peake of Keele, Staffordshire, to William Peake, his brother (5)
  6. Quitclaim from Richard Pigott of Doddershall, Buckinghamshire to Richard Wyan of Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire (5)
  7. Quitclaim from Sir Robert Chester, knight of Royston, Hertfordshire and Robert Austen, yeoman of Royston, Hertfordshire to James Spurling the elder of Weston, Hertfordshire and James Spurling the younger of Weston, Hertfordshire (5)
  8. Quitclaim from Thomas Gay, hosier of London, to Henry Beecher of Weston, Hertfordshire (5)
  9. Quitclaim from Thomas Hemsterley to Covenant Hemsterly (2)
  10. Quitclaim from Thomas Pearson, late of Elstobb and now of Framwelgate, Durham, and Mary Pearson to Anthony Salvin of New Elvet, Durham, and Robert Spearman of the city of Durham (5)
  11. Quitclaim from William Sadler of Chiddingfold, Surrey to John Bromham of Chiddingfold, Surrey (3)
  12. Quitclaim from William Woster of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Robert Woster of Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to Edward Sparkes of Chepping Wycombe (4)
  13. Quitclaim of Barbara Garth of Bolam, Durham, to Ralph Hutton of Mainsforth, Durham (5)
  14. Quitclaim of dower from Sarah Worthington to Nicholas Worthington of Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire (5)
  15. Quitclaim/Acquittance Edward Hales of Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, to Henry Carter of Paulerspury, Northamptonshire (3)
  16. Quitclaim/acquittance from Alice Lane to William Lane of Colney Street in the parish of St. Stevens near the borough of St. Albans, Hertfordshire (3)
  17. Quitclaim/release from Edward Saxby of Cowden, Kent, to John Day of London (3)
  18. Quod ero spero [graphic] (1)