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Richard III-Richard t

  1. Richard III, Ghost of King Henry: "Awake, Richard, awake!", act V, scene VI [i.e. 3] [graphic] / Howard del. ; engraved by C. Heath. (1)
  2. Richard III, King of England, 1452-1485, signer. (2)
  3. Richard III, or, A new front to an old dicky : a Richardsonian burlesque .. (1)
  4. Richard IIId., act 5 scene 3, in the tent, Richard asleep, ghosts of persons he had murdered [graphic] / painted by J. Opie, R.A. ; engraved by W. Sharp. (1)
  5. Richard Jean de Nerée; Pierre Matthieu. (3)
  6. Richard Leveridge [graphic] / from an original painting by [Thomas] Fry ; J. Saunders, sculpt. (1)
  7. Richard Mansfield [and] Beatrice Cameron [as Richard III and Lady Anne in Shakespeare's King Richard III] [graphic] / copyrighted by Gebbie & Co. (1)
  8. Richard Mansfield [in Shakespeare's] Henry V [graphic]. (1)
  9. Richard Mansfield, Beatrice Cameron in [Shakespeare's] Richard III [graphic]. (1)
  10. Richard Mason's plea for payment of money owed him by the late Roger Townshend, 1st bart. (4)
  11. Richard O'Brien; Given by her Majesty the Queen Dowager of England ano 1695 (Catherine of Braganza (Catarina Henriqueta; 25 November 1638 – 31 December 1705) was a Portuguese Infanta and the queen consort of Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland.); (1)
  12. Richard Plantagenet Duke of York, Father of Kings Edward IV and Richard III, Henry VI, part III, in a south window of Penreth Church in Cumberland [graphic]. (1)
  13. Richard Sackville, 3d Earl of Dorset (1589-1624); C. Bradbury, signature on inner front cover; J. W. Ford, signature dated 1800 on endpaper; Sir R. Leicester Harmsworth (1870-1937). (1)
  14. Richard Samuel White. (1)
  15. Richard Tarleton, from a drawing same size in the Pepys Coll: Magd: Coll: Oxford [graphic] / Silvester Harding. (1)
  16. Richard Tarlton [graphic] / [original artist, Silvester Harding]. (1)
  17. Richard Taylor and Co. (1)
  18. Richard Taylor and Co., printmaker. (2)
  19. Richard the IIIrd, [act I, scene 2] [graphic]. (1)
  20. Richard the IInd, act 2, scene 1, A room in Ely House [graphic] / painted by J. Northcote ; engraved by Stowe. (1)