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  1. Rosalind [in Shakespeare's] As you like it [graphic] / K. Meadows ; B. Eyles. (1)
  2. Rosalind and Celia, [As you like it, act 2, scene 4] [graphic] / T. Stothard R.A., del. ; Josh. Phelps, sc. (1)
  3. Rosalind and Celia... As you like it, Act II, sc. iv [graphic] / painted by J. E. Millais ; engraved by W. H. Simmons. (1)
  4. Rosalind and Silvius [graphic] / Darley. (1)
  5. Rosalind receiving the intelligence from Oliver of Orlando's encounter with a lioness [act IV, scene 3] [graphic]. (1)
  6. Rosalind, Celia & Orlando [in] As you like it [act III, scene 2], Do you hear, forester ... what is't o'clock ... [graphic] / S. Shelley, invt. (1)
  7. Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone ... Holla, you clown! ... Peace, fool, he's not thy kinsman, As you like it, act II, scene IV [graphic] / J.L. ; J.Q. (1)
  8. Rosalind: "Peace! Here comes my sister", As you like it, act III, sc. 2 [graphic] / drawn & etched by Robert Dudley. (1)
  9. Rosarium sermonum predicabilium ad faciliorem predicantium co[m]moditatem nouissime co[m]pilatum : in quo quicquid preclarum & utile in cu[n]ctis sermonariis usq[ue] in hodiernu[m] editis continetur ... (2)
  10. Rosch, photographer. (1)
  11. Roscius Anglicanus, or an historical review of the stage: after it had been suppres�d by means of the civil war, ... till the ... Restoration ... The names of the principal actors ... With the names of the most taking plays ... (2)
  12. Rose and white linen over a cord support with a front bead. (2)
  13. Rose and white linen thread with a front bead over a vellum core laced through the covers. (2)
  14. Rose and white linen with blue silk sewn with a front bead over a rolled leather and paper core. (3)
  15. Rose and white silk with a front bead over a flat vellum core. (2)
  16. Rose Coghlan [graphic]. (2)
  17. rose colored paper. (2)
  18. Rose Hale v. Anthony Thomas and John Worsopp (33)
  19. Rose Hersee [graphic]. (1)
  20. Rose La Harte as Lady Gay Spanker in "The Auto race" at the Hippodrome next Wednesday night, November 27 [graphic]. (1)