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Receipt from H-Receipt from J

  1. Receipt from Henry Turvile to Rowland Hale of Ayott (3)
  2. Receipt from Humfrey Wigan, merchant tailor of London, to Lawrence Wood, tailor of the parish of St. Andrew Holborne, Middlesex (5)
  3. Receipt from Humphrey Abdy to Lady Jane (Stanhope), Lady Berkeley (2)
  4. Receipt from Inner Temple, London, to Thomas Lambard, Esq. (3)
  5. Receipt from Jacob Tonson II to Jacob Tonson I : autograph manuscript signed (4)
  6. Receipt from James Carter to Nathaniel Bacon (2)
  7. Receipt from James Pearson, vicar of Langham to Robert Chevely (2)
  8. Receipt from James Tyrell to the Abbot of St. Saviour’s (2)
  9. Receipt from Jeremiah Godfrey of King's Walden, Hertfordshire to William Hale of King's Walden (3)
  10. Receipt from John Cresset and Henry Phipps to Sir Robert Rich for the tax on his salary (2)
  11. Receipt from John Desbrowe and Richard Conder to Richard Deere (3)
  12. Receipt from John Donne to Sir Thomas Egerton [manuscript], 1602 July 6. (3)
  13. Receipt from John Downes to Sir John Abdy [of Moores, Essex] (2)
  14. Receipt from John Dryden of Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, to the Court of Exchequer (2)
  15. Receipt from John Dryden to Jacob Tonson I : autograph manuscript signed (8)
  16. Receipt from John Fairclough to Rowland Hale (54)
  17. Receipt from John Garrett on behalf of Sir William Humble to Robert Linwood, executor of Robert Busbye (2)
  18. Receipt from John Heigham to John Knighton (2)
  19. Receipt from John Heydon to William Raylton (3)
  20. Receipt from John Ireland of Milnhorne to David Rattray of Craighall (2)