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  1. Receipt from Robert Winter to Giles Ray (3)
  2. Receipt from Salisbury Cathedral to the lessees of the tithes of Ogbourne St. George and Ogbourne St. Andrew, Wiltshire [manuscript], 1800 December 13. (2)
  3. Receipt from Sir David Boswell to Edward Pitt, one of the tellers of the Receipt of the Exchequer (4)
  4. Receipt from Sir George Charnock to the officers of the Tally Court (5)
  5. Receipt from Sir John Kirke to Sir Thomas Vernon (3)
  6. Receipt from Sir Philipp Sidney to Robert Walker (2)
  7. Receipt from Sir Thomas Riddell to Exchequer representatives in Newcastle (2)
  8. Receipt from Solomon Sibley, salter of London (5)
  9. Receipt from the City of London to Sir Charles Rich, citizen and haberdasher (2)
  10. Receipt from Thomas Andrews, alderman of London, to William Palmer, merchant of London (5)
  11. Receipt from Thomas Braye to Sir Nicholas Bacon, lord keeper (2)
  12. Receipt from Thomas Day of King's Walden, Hertfordshire to William Hale of King's Walden, Hertfordshire (3)
  13. Receipt from Thomas Dummer to the Exchequer (4)
  14. Receipt from Thomas Fownes of the Middle Temple to Rowland Hale of King's Walden, Hertfordshire (5)
  15. Receipt from Thomas Glanville to Edward Randolph, Lieutenant of the Ordnance (2)
  16. Receipt from Thomas Howard, Earl of Berkshire, to Sir David Cunningham (4)
  17. Receipt from Thomas Kery (of the Exchequer) to Walter Bagot (2)
  18. Receipt from Thomas Love to Thomas Broel (3)
  19. Receipt from Thomas Mabbes for the certainties of the hundred due for Nathaniel Bacon's manors in Stiffkey (2)
  20. Receipt from Thomas Nicoll of Tattesidge, Hertfordshire to John Page of Finchley, Middlesex (5)