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  1. Recycled paper wrapping inside back board, STC 4547. (1)
  2. Recycled paper wrapping inside front board, STC 4547. (1)
  3. Recycled printed musical flyleaves with recycled vellum manuscript loose guard, no paste-down. (3)
  4. Recycled printers waste and title page, PQ6398 G3 1674 cage vol. 1. (1)
  5. Recycled printers waste flyleaf and paste-down, PQ6398 G3 1674 cage vol. 1. (1)
  6. Recycled printers waste over a pulp board. (3)
  7. Recycled printers waste that reads "Marcus Junianus Justinus Abrégé des Histoires Philippiques de Trogue Pompée." (2)
  8. Recycled printers' waste used as flyleaf and paste-down. (4)
  9. Recycled vellum 15th century binding. (5)
  10. Recycled vellum binding. (1)
  11. Recycled vellum manuscript dating from 15th century, from the Netherlands or somewhere else in the Low Countries. The manuscript is written in a form of Gothic Hybrida (a cross between cursive and book script) and contains excerpts from Psalms (20 on the left, 9 on the right). (1)
  12. Recycled vellum manuscript flyleaves and paste-down with recycled vellum manuscript reinforcing guards. The manuscript waste is from a codex with Constantine the African's Pantegni (the Theorica part), the first medical handbook and a classic in university education until well into the 16th century. The manuscript dates from approximately 1175-1200 and is likely Italian in origin. (4)
  13. Recycled vellum manuscript from a choir book. (2)
  14. Recycled vellum manuscript leaves hooked around the first and last sections and used as paste-downs. (3)
  15. Recycled vellum manuscript paste-downs. One blank paper flyleaf. The front flyleaf is missing. At the back a new flyleaf and paste-down was added, covering the vellum manuscript paste-down. (6)
  16. Recycled vellum manuscript used as a paste-down. (2)
  17. Recycled vellum manuscript used as paste-downs. (4)
  18. Recycled Vellum manuscript used to cover a 1565 English almanac. (2)
  19. Recycled vellum manuscript waste (10th-11th Carolingian, possibly English). (2)
  20. Recycled vellum manuscript with gilt, red and blue rubrication. (1)