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Recycled v-Red

  1. Recycled vellum manuscript with musical notations. (1)
  2. Recycled vellum manuscript, Gothic Quadratus, probably from the 14th or 15th century and from somewhere in the western part of Central Europe (western Germany?). It is a legal text surrounded by gloss. (3)
  3. Recycled vellum manuscript, humanist (15th c.) and Italian. The clear red at the bottom is a quote by St. Anselm of Lucca (an 11th century Italian archbishop). (2)
  4. Recycled vellum manuscript, possibly 15th century. (1)
  5. Recycled vellum manuscript. (34)
  6. Recycled vellum manuscripts, one with an ink coat of arms on the front cover and manuscript notation in ink. (4)
  7. Recycled vellum manuscripts. (4)
  8. Recycled vellum mss used as endsheet guards inverted, 203- 729q. (1)
  9. Recycled vellum mss used as endsheet guards, 203- 729q. (1)
  10. Recycled vellum page from a 12th century manuscript service book. (3)
  11. Red (possibly cochineal dyed) tawed leather and white tawed leather braided endbands sewn over a rolled vellum core. (6)
  12. Red and black button hole twist silk thread with a front bead sewn over a triangular leather and vellum core. (4)
  13. Red and black thread with a front bead over a rolled core. (3)
  14. red and blue silk over rolled paper core with a front bead (2)
  15. Red and blue silk with a front bead sewn over a rolled paper core. (2)
  16. Red and brown speckled edge (with a possible ink inscription on the fore-edge). (1)
  17. Red and gold silk thread with a front bead. (3)
  18. Red and gold wide flat stuck on headbands. (3)
  19. Red and gray/green stenciled leafy pattern on all three edges. (9)
  20. Red and green block printed flyleaf and paste-down. (3)