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  1. Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. (1)
  2. Reeve, Richard, 1780-ca. 1835, printmaker. (1)
  3. Reflections upon the opinions of some modern divines, concerning the nature of government in general, and that of England in particular. With an appendix relating to this matter, containing I. The seventy fifth canon of the Council of Toledo. II. The original articles in Latin, out of which the Magna Charta of King John was framed. III. The true Magna Charta of King John in French: by which the Magna Charta in Matth. Paris is cleared and justified, and the alterations in the common Magna Charta discovered. (Of which see a more particular account in the advertisement before the appendix.) All three Englished. (1)
  4. Reformation loblicher statt Schaffhausen … (2)
  5. Regale lectum miseriæ: or, A kingly bed of miserie... (1)
  6. Regiae Anglicae. (2)
  7. Regiam Majestatem. The auld lavves and constitutions of Scotland, faithfullie collected furth of the Register, and other auld authentick bukes, fra the dayes of King Malcolme the second, vntill the time of King James the first, of gude memorie: and trewlie corrected in sundrie faults, and errours, committed be ignorant writers. And translated out of Latine in Scottish language, to the vse and knawledge of all the subjects within this realme. with ane large table of the contents therof, be Sr. John Skene of Curriehill, clerk of our Soveraigne Lordis Register, Counsell, and Rollis. Quhereunto are adjoined twa treatises, the ane, anent the order of proces observed before the Lords of Counsell, and Session: the other of crimes, and judges in criminall causes. The contents of this volume, followe in the twefth page. (3)
  8. Regii Lepidi accuratissi[m]e i[m]p[re]ssa [i.e. Reggio Emilio, Italy] : Auctorib[us] Prosp[er]o Odoardo & Alberto Mazali Regie[n]sib[us], anno Sa. 1481 19 K[a]l[endas] Octo. [13 Sept.] ... (3)
  9. Reginald F. French estate. (3)
  10. Regio, Rafaello, -1520. (1)
  11. Regio, Raffaele, ca. 1450-1520. (4)
  12. Regiomontanus, Joannes, 1436-1476. (2)
  13. Regnaldus Polus ... [graphic] / [Magdalena and Willem van de Passe, engravers] (1)
  14. Regnard, Valérien, artist. (1)
  15. Regnault, Georges, fl. 1538-1550, printer. (1)
  16. Regnault, Jean-Baptiste, baron, 1754-1829, artist. (1)
  17. Regnouart, former owner. (1)
  18. Regola da imparare scrivere varij carateri de littere… (56)
  19. Regtsgerleere bedenkingen... (1)
  20. Regula. (2)