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  1. Request from regiment of Colonel Pert (3)
  2. Request from William Cock and John Barrett that Nathaniel Bacon bestow a living on a preacher in their town (4)
  3. Reresby, John, Sir, 1634-1689, correspondent. (150)
  4. Rerum Britannicarum, id est Angliae, Scotiae, vicinarumque insularum ac regionum, scriptores vetustiores ac praecipui … (2)
  5. Rerum Moscouiticarum commentarij...Russiae...descriptio (1)
  6. Rerum Scoticarum historia, auctore Georgio Buchanano Scoto. Ad Iacobum VI. Scotorum Regem. Accessit De iure regni apud Scotos dialogus, eodem Georgio Buchanano auctore. (1)
  7. Rerum Scoticarum historia….. (2)
  8. Resende, André de, 1498-1573. (1)
  9. Resewn on 6 single raised cords (1890s), laced through the boards. (1)
  10. Resewn on 6 single raised cords (1990s), laced through the boards. (3)
  11. Resewn on five raised supports. Colored endpapers and pastedowns. Spine rounded and backed. Gilt edges. Triple worked headbands in red and brown (all 19th-century work). Evidence of metal clasps on original covers. (2)
  12. Resewn on five raised supports. Spine rounded and backed. (2)
  13. Resewn on five recessed hemp cords. (2)
  14. Resewn on four recessed cords. Marbled endpapers and pastedowns. Rounded and backed spine. Pink and brown silk head- and tailbands. Four false raised bands on a hollow. Original gilt and gauffered edges worked by a dotted tool grouped at the verges and center of each edge. Original covers trimmed and put down over 19th-century binding. (1)
  15. Resewn on six single raised hemp cord supports. (1)
  16. Resewn onto five semi-recessed supports. Original features include an elaborate gauffered edge and decorated covers with evidence of small round bosses. (3)
  17. Resewn onto four raised cords, with new head- and tailbands. Contemporary ink title on the fore-edge. Remains of alum-tawed slips laced into both boards which are given a slight bevel to the inner joint. Lap corners and very uneven turn-ins. Heavy handmade endpaper tipped at the front of the text (pastedown now missing). At the back, one full and one half endpaper attached to a pastedown (now free). Evidence of two fore-edge ties. (3)
  18. Resewn onto three semi-recessed cords. Original pastedowns and two endpapers tipped on. Flat spine. Pink edges. New headand tailbands worked in brown silk. Original corners mitered. Evidence of two textile fore-edge and single head and tail ties. (3)
  19. Resewn onto three thin recessed cords. Two endpapers with pastedowns on either side (20th century?). Original gilt and gauffered edges in the "guilloche" style retained. Spine rounded and backed with green and white head- and tailbands (20th century?). Turn-ins distorted by recovering; evidence of lap corners. (4)
  20. Resewn with green thread onto three raised supports. Endpapers (19th or 20th century) sewn onto original pastedowns (now lifted) of paper and vellum manuscript (from an unidentified logical or rhetorical treatise, copied in England, c. mid-14th century). Spine rounded and backed. Lap corners. Evidence of tying up beside the bands. The hasps hinged with leather straps from the upper cover are missing although brass catch plates remain in place. Ink title on fore-edge. (2)