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  1. Within a two line gouge blind boarder is a full modeled leather design of two men fighting with the letters R O M A in the upper left corner, surrounded by a grape vine design proportioned to match the printed text. The back cover is also tooled with three lines around the border, with a small modeled design of a toga clad teacher holding a scroll talking to a woman reading a scroll. Along the left side of the image is a scrolled column with the date of the binding (1898) hidden in the design. The spine has the words TITVS LIVIVS modeled in the second panel. This design pokerwork (pyrogravure) was created with a pyrograph, using a heated platinum stylus. (3)
  2. Within frameworks of variable width blind tooled fillet panels are two medallion rolls blind tooled with "Spes", "Fides" and "Caritas", and another with initials "H.R." as shown in rubbing. (5)
  3. Witkowski, Georg, 1863-1939, former owner. (77)
  4. Wits interpreter, the English Parnassus (1)
  5. Wits. Part 1. The wits, or, Sport upon sport. (4)
  6. Wits. Part 1. The wits, or, Sport upon sport. In select pieces of drollery, digested into scenes by way of dialogue. Together with variety of humors of several nations, fitted for the pleasure and content of all persons, either in court, city, countrey, or camp. The like never before published. Part I. (1)
  7. Wits. Part 2. The wits, or, Sport upon sport. : Being a curious collection of several drols and farces, presented and shewn for the merriment and delight of wise men, and the ignorant: as they have been sundry times acted in publique, and private, in London at Bartholomew in the countrey at other faires. In halls and taverns. On several mountebancks stages, at Charing Cross, Lincolns-Inn-Fields, and other places. By several stroleing [sic] players, fools, and fidlers, and the mountebancks zanies. With loud laughter, and great applause. Written I know not when, by several persons, I know not who; but now newly collected by your old friend to please you, Francis Kirkman. (1)
  8. Witt, Joannes, fl. 1635, publisher. (1)
  9. Wittemberg: Gedruckt durch Hans Krafft, anno MDLXX. [1570]. (4)
  10. Wittenberg : [graphic] eine ihrer Universita[e]t halber weith berümhte Statt im Churfürstenthum Ober-Saxen / [Gabriel Bodenehr]. (1)
  11. Wittenberg : Gedruckt durch Clementem Schleich, 1584. (2)
  12. Wittenberg, 1560. (3)
  13. Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684. (3)
  14. Wivell, Abraham, 1786-1849, artist. (12)
  15. Wivell, Abraham, 1786-1849, printmaker. (1)
  16. Wivell, Abraham, 1786-1849, publisher. (14)
  17. Wm, Constable esq., Comte de Lomèmie. (2)
  18. Wm. Bullock, 1657? - 1740? [graphic] / George Perfect Harding. (1)
  19. Wm. [graphic] / George Perfect Harding. (1)
  20. Wm. Clausen & Co, publisher. (2)