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  1. White satin embroidered with stylized roses framed with couched leaves outlined in silver gilt laid thread; all within a circular centerpiece of silver gilt purl. A frame of yellow and green silk thread sewn in a laid stitch surrounds the centerpiece. Background filled with stylized flowers sewn with a satin stitch and silver spangles. White and blue clouds(?) in couched and laid stitches with rays of silver gilt thread and wire are worked at head and tail of both upper and lower covers. Spines embroidered with stylized flowers in satin stitch and silver spangles framed with laid silver gilt thread. All three boards edged in silver gilt gimp. (1)
  2. White satin on linen backing with silk embroidery and silver spangles. (3)
  3. White satin with colored silk and metal threads. (11)
  4. White silk and wrapped silver thread with a front bead sewn over a reed core. (2)
  5. White silk thread with a front bead. (2)
  6. White Studio (New York, N.Y.), photographer. (59)
  7. White, 18th cent., printmaker. (5)
  8. White, Benjamin, approximately 1724-1794, bookseller. (3)
  9. White, Benjamin, ca. 1724-1794, bookseller. (2)
  10. White, brown, and red silk over rolled paper core with a front bead. (3)
  11. White, Francis, 1564?-1638. (2)
  12. White, George, ca. 1684-1732, printmaker. (1)
  13. White, green, and pink thread with a front bead, sewn over a rolled paper core. (3)
  14. White, Henry, 1812-1880, former owner. (3)
  15. White, Henry, d. ca. 1861, printmaker. (1)
  16. White, J., 18th/19th cent., printmaker. (1)
  17. White, John, 1575-1648, attributed author. (1)
  18. White, John, d. 1671. (1)
  19. White, John, fl. 1585-1593, artist. (14)
  20. White, John, fl. 1613-1651. (1)