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  1. Yellow silk with a front bead sewn over a triangular leather and vellum core. (3)
  2. Yellow with a slight brown splatter. (4)
  3. Yellow, red, and brown silk thread with a front bead. (3)
  4. Yelverton, Christopher, d. 1654, correspondent. (10)
  5. Yelverton, Christopher, Sir, 1535?-1612. (2)
  6. Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629, correspondent. (2)
  7. Yelverton, Sir Henry. Opinion that simony was involved in the contract between William Oughtred and John Tichborne for presentation to the church of Compton in Surrey. (4)
  8. Yes, but none extant. (1)
  9. Yet here's a spot--out, damned spot, out, I say! [graphic]. (1)
  10. Yet I'll not shed her blood... Othello, act V, scene 2 [graphic] / Loutherbourg, del. ; Dambrusi, sc. Paris. (1)
  11. Yhe covers are covered with half alum tawed pigskin that is blind tooled with two panels. The frames are tooled with a variable width triple line fillet. The outer panel is filled with a decorative roll with inverted hearts and leafy floral designs. The inner panel is filled with a guilloche and anthemion decorative roll. The rest of the board is covered with a recycled vellum musical manuscript that was tooled with a large diaper pattern using the variable width triple line fillet. It was then painted with a green tempera color, leaving the corners un-painted. The spine is divided into six panels, with an early inked inscription in the top panel, and a later paper label with author and title inscribed in ink in the second panel. (3)
  12. Yk, Cornelis van (1)
  13. yn y flwyddyn 1676. (5)
  14. Yonge, Nicholas, d. 1619. (2)
  15. York, Anne Hyde, Duchess of, 1637-1671. (2)
  16. York, Henry VI, part III, act II, scene II [graphic] / Sparrow, sc. (1)
  17. York: See ruthless Queen a hapless Father's tears ... [...]d part of Henry IV [i.e. VI], act V [i.e. act 1], scene 4th [graphic] / [John Hamilton Mortimer]. (1)
  18. Yorke, James, fl. 1640. (1)
  19. Yorke, Philip, 1743-1804, publisher. (1)
  20. Yorkshire (England). Justices of the Peace. (2)