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Image Caption: 
Spine, INC B1184.
General Description: 
Mid 16th century leather binding with brass clasps.
Country / Style: 
16th century (mid)
Call Number: 
INC B1184
Bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924.
Bernardino, de' Busti, ca. 1450-1513?
Rosarium sermonum predicabilium ad faciliorem predicantium co[m]moditatem nouissime co[m]pilatum : in quo quicquid preclarum & utile in cu[n]ctis sermonariis usq[ue] in hodiernu[m] editis continetur ...
Created / Published: 
Impressum uero Venetiis ... : Per Georgium de Arriuabenis, ab anno Incarnationis dominice 1498, xvii. Kalen. Septembris [16 Aug.]
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210 x 150 x 87 mm
Covering Material: 
Burnt sienna colored calfskin.
Originally sewn on five single raised supports. Currently only three differently placed bands are visible.
Wrapped in linen thread. Top recessed, bottom missing.
Edge Treatment: 
Inscription on fore-edge: "Rosaì‚us"
End Papers: 
Remnants of two clasps. Catch plates on the front cover and strap plates on back cover still extant.
Decorative Description: 
Multipaneled covers divided by blind tooled variable-width double line fillet. The inner panels are blind-tooled with medallion rolls of Judith, Lucretia, and Venus dated 1552. (Cf. Haebler, K. Rollen- und Plattenstempel des XVI. Jahrhunderts, II, p. 29). The spine was originally blind tooled above and below the bands with the variable width double line fillet, which was continued onto the cover and joined. The board edge is blind tooled with a single line fillet. The turn-in squares are also tooled with blind tooled fillets.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Raised bands.
Binding Terms (RBMS):