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Image Caption: 
Fore edge, INC M26.
General Description: 
15th century English brown sheepskin binding.
Country / Style: 
15th century
Call Number: 
Purchased in 1917.
Magistris, Martinus de, 1432-1482.
[Quaestiones morales. Pars 1] Questiones morales magistri Martini Magistri perspicacissimi theologie professoris, de fortitudine feliciter incipiunt.
Created / Published: 
Imp[re]ssu[m] est ... in celeberrima vrbe Parisien[si] ... : Per Vuolffga[n]gu[m] Hopyl Alman[um], anno D[omi]ni 1489 die p[ri]ma Decembris.
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284 x 197 x 43 mm
Covering Material: 
Brown sheepskin. Front board is beech with serious insect damage, back board is recycled oak with minimal insect damage.
Sewn in three slit double tanned leather supports sewn from the front to the back and laced into the wooden boards.
Fragmentary evidence of a saddle stitched headband, not laced through the boards.
Edge Treatment: 
Title inscription on fore-edge reading from lower- to top edge.
End Papers: 
Vellum paste-down and single paper flyleaf.
Two brass clasp catches on the back cover in a simple English style.
Decorative Description: 
Blind tooled with variable width triple line fillets filled with a wide dragon spiral roll in borders and dragon lozenge stamps in central panels (cf. Oldham, J.B. English blind-stamped bindings, roll FC.b (2) 623, with lozenge stamp 1044).
Oldham, Blind-stamped, pp. 45, pl. XL.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Leather bindings -- England -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Sheepskin bindings -- England -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Wooden boards -- England -- 15th century.