Detail View: LUNA: Folger Bindings Image Collection: Back cover, INC M212.

Image Caption: 
Back cover, INC M212.
General Description: 
15th century Italian sheepskin binding.
Country / Style: 
15th century
Call Number: 
INC M212
Bookplate of "James H. Hammond" on back pastedown.
Marchesinus, Johannes.
[Mammotrectus super Bibliam] Prologus autoris in Mamotrectum.
Created / Published: 
Impresse Venetijs : [Gabriele Grassi] : Opera [et] impensis Francisci de Madijs, [not before 19 Nov.] 1485 ...
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184 x 120 x 45 mm
Covering Material: 
Ocher sheepskin over wooden boards. Rebacked with calfskin.
Sewn on three alum-tawed split thongs recessed into the wooden boards and secured with iron nails.
Back bead linen thread over alum-tawed thongs. Bottom headband missing.
Edge Treatment: 
Colored red.
End Papers: 
Manuscript vellum fragments of statutes of a city with annotations (14th cent.?) at beginning and end of the book with paper paste-downs.
Evidence of a single clasp hinging from the front cover catching on the back cover. Trefoil shaped catch extant on back cover. Evidence of early chain attachment at the foot of the back cover.
Decorative Description: 
Blind tooled in a three panel design created by a triple variable width fillet. The first and second panels are diagonally linked at the corners and the second panel is filled with repeated impressions from a rectangular plant between cornucopia stamps. The center panel has a column pattern in the center made from twelve repeated impressions of a filled pointille rhombus stamp.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Blind tooled bindings -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Chained bindings -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Clasps -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Fillet tools -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Leather bindings -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Pointillé tooling -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Raised bands -- Italy -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Sheepskin bindings -- Italy -- 15th century.