Detail View: LUNA: Folger Bindings Image Collection: Front cover, INC P700.

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Front cover, INC P700.
General Description: 
15th century German half-leather and wood board binding.
Country / Style: 
15th century
Call Number: 
INC P700 copy 1
Ulrich Muschwang (1582-1601); Kloster Asbach (Germany); Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Platina, 1421-1481.
[Vitae pontificum] Platine historici Liber de vita Christi, ac Pontificum omniu[m], qui hactenus ducenti [et] vigintiduo fuere.
Created / Published: 
[Nuremberg] : Impe[n]sa Antonij Koburger Nurenberge impressu[m], iij. Idus Augusti [11 Aug.] consummatum, anno Salutis [Christ]iane, 1481.
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301 x 202 x 41 mm
Covering Material: 
Half-chestnut brown goatskin, dark beech(?) wooden boards.
Sewn on three double raised slit alum tawed supports laced through the boards.
Endband of twisted tawed leather laced into the boards but not sewn - there is no thread wrapping the core. They are simply glued.
End Papers: 
Vellum fragments from an early liturgical manuscript, used as paste-downs.
Evidence of one clasp on a long strap that hinged from the back board and caught on a pin on the center of the front board.
Decorative Description: 
Blind tooled with double and triple fillet borders, with crossed diagonal lines in the center. With rectangular leafy staff stamp at the top of the front cover and top and bottom of the back cover, the bottom of the front coveris a rectangular running "horned goat"? In the center are seven blind tooled stamps; St. John the Evangelist's symbol (cf. Schwenke-Schunke Evangelisten-Symbole 97 "Aspach Afrakloster"), rosettes, palm, triangular ornament, and double headed eagle on both covers. The spine has three paper labels with inscriptions of author, title, and date, one of them reading "20[? or 30?].
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Blind tooled bindings -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Fillet tools -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Goatskin bindings -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Half bindings -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Leather bindings -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Raised bands -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Wooden bindings -- Germany -- 15th century.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Wooden boards -- Germany -- 15th century.