Detail View: LUNA: Folger Bindings Image Collection: Provenance inscription hidden under paste-down, STC 2129.

Image Caption: 
Provenance inscription hidden under paste-down, STC 2129.
General Description: 
Mid 17th century English dated dedication binding.
Country / Style: 
17th century (mid)
Call Number: 
STC 2129
Note of baptism of Francis Newby, St. Dunstan's Church in the West, April 2, 1624; "My father Samuell Newby gave me this booke ye 7th of October 1644 ... F.N."; signature of William Wall, 1827; Elizabeth Boggis 22 April 1789, Harmsworth copy.
Bible. English. Geneva. The Bible. Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. With most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance, as may appeare in the epistle to the reader. And also a most profitable concordance for the readie finding out of any thing in the same conteyned.
Created / Published: 
Imprinted at London : By Christopher Barker, printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, 1580.
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222 x 160 x 84 mm
Covering Material: 
Black goatskin, rebacked with black goatskin.
Sewn on five single slit leather supports. Supports one, two, three, and five are alum tawed. Four is a tanned leather support.
Edge Treatment: 
Gilt on all three edges.
End Papers: 
New, single flyleaf and paste-down over earlier paste-down with hidden provenance inscription.
Two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front covers and catching on the back cover. Both catch plates, one hasp, and both strap plates are extant. The original straps were double layers of vellum reinforcing a leather strap, now mostly missing.
Decorative Description: 
The covers are gilt with a two panel design. The frames are built up of two cats tooth on a line decorative rolls with a leaf on a vine decorative roll in-between. At angles is a gilt tulip-topped floral fleuron. In the middle of the of the outer panel at the top and bottom front cover is FRANCIS NEWBY HIS BOOKE GIVEN HIM BY - continued on the back cover - HIS FATHER SAMVELL NEWBY 1645. The inner panels are tooled with numerous small tools, double walled rhombus, tulip stamps of various sizes, circles, and annular dots, creating corner and center designs. The spine is divided into six panels with cats tooth on a line decorative roll tooled above and below the bands and at the top and bottom. The panels are gilt with the double walled rhombus tool and flanked with an extended tulip fleuron. The board edges were gilt with a hatched bar and three dots decorative roll.