Detail View: LUNA: Folger Bindings Image Collection: Early owner's inscription, 267233.

Image Caption: 
Early owner's inscription, 267233.
General Description: 
Early 18th century English binding, rebacked early with silver clasps.
Country / Style: 
18th century (early)
Call Number: 
Ownership signature on second fly leaf "Catherine Perry her Book June ye 22d 1768 ???". Signed "Mary Winsor 1830" at top of title page.
Church of England.
The Book of common prayer : and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church ; according to the use of the Church of England ; together with the Psalter of Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches.
Created / Published: 
Oxford : John Baskett, 1721.
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159 x 92 x 61 mm
Covering Material: 
Black goatskin, "rebacked" with black goatskin.
Sewn on four single raised hemp cord supports with only the top and bottom support laced through the rope boards from left to right.
Linen thread with a front bead sewn over a hemp cord core.
Edge Treatment: 
Gilt on all three edges.
End Papers: 
Two blank flyleaves and a combed nonpareil marble paper flyleaf and paste-down in red, blue, yellow, and green colors. The front does not have the marble paper.
Two silver fore-edge clasps hinging from the front cover and catching on the back. Solid metal hasps catching on silver pin catch plates.
Decorative Description: 
The covers were gilt with a two panel design. The outer frame is gilt with a single line fillet and the inner frame was gilt with a variable spaced triple line fillet. At angles in the outer panel is a small tulip topped fleuron. The spine is divided into five panels, each gilt with a triple line fillet frame, each filled with scroll corner brackets and a gilt rhombus stamp with fleur de lis tips.
Other Details: 
"I believe the rebacking was done after one of the three texts was added to the binding. The tooling on the spine is off-center and the tooling on the covers show a finished gold tooling that has been modified during the rebacking. The clasps would have been added after the last text block was added." --J. Franklin Mowery, 2012.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Clasps -- England -- 18th century.