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Image Caption: 
front cover
General Description: 
Late 17th century Dutch "horn" binding with Sir Andrew Fontaine's (1676-1753) family armorial crest of an elephant on the spine. Paulo van Uchelen (1641 or 1642-1702) copy. Most likely bound by Albertus Magnus (1642-1689), See H. de la Fontaine Verwey. "The binder Albert Magnus and the collectors of his age," Quaerendo I,3 (1971) p. 175.
Country / Style: 
17th century (late)
Call Number: 
DL45 M1 I7 1565 Cage (folio)
Sir Andrew Fontaine, 1676-1753
Paulo van Uchelen, 1641 or 1642-1702
Olaus, Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala, 1490-1557.
[Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus. Italian] Historia delle genti et della natura delle cose settentrionali / da Olao Magni ... descritta in XXII libri ; nuouamente tradotta in lingua toscana ; Opera molto diletteuole per le varie & mirabili cose, molto diuerse dalle nostre, che in essa si leggono ; con vna tauola copiosissima delle cose piu notabili, in quella contenute.
Created / Published: 
In Vinegia : Appresso I Giunti, 1565.
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318 x 215 x 51 mm
Covering Material: 
calfskin vellum
sewn on six double raised hemp cord supports laced straight thought the boards
green silk thread with a front bead sewn over a flat core
Edge Treatment: 
speckled red and brown
End Papers: 
two blank flyleaves and a paste-down with a 1/3 sheet guard underneath
Decorative Description: 
The covers are gilt with a two panel design with the frames tooled with double line fillets the outer border is stopped at the corners with a rounded square stamp with four dots. At angles in the outer panel is a gilt Marques coronet stamp. The spine is divided into seven panels with single gilt lines tooled above and below the raised bands. The title is inked in the second panel. The other panels have an elongated ornamental gilt stamp. At the head and tail is a gilt diced panel. In the top panel a diamond shaped green leather label with a gilt elephant, the crest of Sir Andrew Fontaine has been glued over the tooling.
Binding Terms (RBMS): 
Fillet tools -- Netherlands -- 17th century.,Gold tooled bindings -- Netherlands -- 17th century.,Raised bands -- Netherlands -- 17th century.,Vellum bindings -- Netherlands -- 17th century.