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Josef Šíma, 1891-1971.
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Illustrations to Hamlet
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no. 2
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FSL collection
Creator (Hamnet): 
Šíma, Josef, 1891-1971, artist.
Title (Hamnet): 
[Illustrations to Hamlet]. [graphic]
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Physical Description (Hamnet): 
6 charcoal drawings 36 x 24 cm.
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Saudek, E. A.
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This record represents material that has not yet been cataloged. It may contain incorrect or incomplete information. Please consult Curator for assistance.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Original drawings of Hamlet used to illustrate Zdenek Urbanek's 1959 Hamlet translation. Re-used for the 1981 translation by E. A. Saudek: "La Folie d'Hamlet", p. 53; "Le drame d'acteurs", p. 81; "Hamlet avec la mére", p. 101; "Ophelie folle", p. 119; "La mort d'Ophelie", p. 133; "Fortinbras avec un armée", p. 165.
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Purchased with Saudek's translation, accessioned 267878.
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