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Smirke, Robert, 1752-1845, artist.
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Robert Smirke. Falstaff rebuked. Oil on canvas, ca. 1795
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Falstaff Rebuked
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from a 4x5 color transparency
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FSL collection
Creator (Hamnet): 
Smirke, Robert, 1752-1845, artist.
Title (Hamnet): 
Falstaff rebuked [graphic]. by Robert Smirke.
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet): 
ca. 1795.
Physical Description (Hamnet): 
1 painting on canvas : oil ; 79.4 x 55.5 cm.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. II Henry IV. Act V. Scene 5 -- Illustrations.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Paintings. gmgpc
Subject (Hamnet): 
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Characters -- Falstaff.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Mehux, John, former owner.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Tassie, William, former owner.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Pyke, Joseph, former owner.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Michelmore, October 1922, £125 (£250 for this picture and no. 85)
Notes (Hamnet): 
Condition reviewed The paint is thinly applied on a white ground, and there are small areas of inpainting throughout
Notes (Hamnet): 
Exhibited: London, Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, "A Catalogue of Small Pictures Painted for the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall," (bound with the 1794 edition of the catalogue of the large paintings, but the number sequence begins again at "1"), 1795, no. 16; London, Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, "A Catalogue of the Pictures &c. in the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall, 1796, no. 18; London, Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, "A Catlogue of the Pictures &c. in the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall" and "A Catalogue of Small Pictures Painted for the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall" (only one number sequence for both large and small paintings), 1802, no. 126; London, Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, "The Exhibition of the Shakspeare Galley, Pall-Mall," (last time paintings were shown together; preparatory to their sale), 1805, no. 105; London, Whitechapel (St. Jude's), 1891, no. 145?; London, Grafton Gallery (Musical), 1892, no. 85 (for preceding two items, see Graves 1913); Amherst, Mead Art Building, Amherst College, "Henry IV" (no catalogue), 1959.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Friedman 1976, p. 212, n. 415, and p. 236; Altick 1985, pp. 289-90.
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Notes (Hamnet): 
Title from Pressly.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Engravings: Joseph Collyer, published 4 June 1795, for 1802 Boydell edition of Shakespeare's plays, facing p. 119 of II Henry IV, 10 1/2 x 6 3/8 in. (image and margin); a later outline engraving by Starling, 4 1/8 x 2 3/4 in. (image)
Provenance (Hamnet): 
Provenance: Commissioned by Alderman John Boydell for the Shakespeare Gallery; sold by lottery 28 January 1805 and won by William Tassie; sold by Christie, Manson & Woods, Auctioneers, 8 King St., St. James's Square, London, 17 May 1805, lot 6, as "The King rebuking Falstaff-painted in a fine clear tone of colouring," bought by John Mehux for 13 guineas (£13.13.0); Joseph Pyke as of 1891.
Citations (Hamnet): 
Pressly, W.L. Paintings in the Folger Shakespeare Library, 57 (Plate 3)