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Dawson, Jane, 17th cent.
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Cookbook of Jane Dawson [manuscript].
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Part II. When reading Part II, Part I is inverted and reversed.
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late 17th century
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page 20 || page 21
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FSL collection
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Dawson, Jane, 17th cent.
Title (Hamnet): 
Cookbook of Jane Dawson [manuscript], late 17th century.
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1 v.
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Manuscripts - 17th century.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Cookbooks - 17th century - Manuscripts.
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Medical formularies - 17th century - Manuscripts.
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Part I: [8], 3-26, 31-111 p. (p. 71-111 blank, recipe pinned to p. 81); Part II: [8], 29 p.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Pharmaceutical recipes at back. Part I, p. 55 dated 1693.
Notes (Hamnet): 
The housewife's rich cabinet : remedies, recipes, and helpful hints / Jean Miller, Francie Owens, Rachel Doggett ; with an introduction by Heloise. Washington, D.C. : Folger Shakespeare Library, 1997, p. 98.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Exhibited: Housewife's Rich Cabinet: Remedies, Recipes, & Helpful Hints, curated by Rachel Doggett, Jean Miller, & Francie Owens, Folger Shakespeare Library, August 27, 1997-January 31, 1998.
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Washington, D.C., Folger Shakespeare Library, 2011. Beyond Home Remedy. DFo
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Formerly Folger MS Add 106.
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