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English cookery and medicine book, [manuscript].
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ca. 1677-1711
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page 118 || page 119
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FSL collection
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English cookery and medicine book [manuscript], ca. 1677-1711.
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1 volume : [6], 86, 91-128, 131-179, 179-366 p. ; 31 x ; 19 cm
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Western, Anne, later user of volume.
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This record represents material that has not yet been cataloged. It may contain incorrect or incomplete information. Please consult Curator for assistance.
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The name which appears most often is that of Anne Western, though it is clear that she is a later cook as her name is in the margins only and is in a different hand than that of the main body of the recipes. In the same hand there are many recipes which have been crossed out with the note "not this" in the margins. It is possible that this manuscript was used in preparation for a printed cookbook and these notes are towards the book's preparation. We have seen such notation once before in William Kitchner's manuscript for his Apicius Redivivus; or the Cook's Oracle, c. 1815. But it is also possible that Anne Western's notations were simply to indicate that she didn't think much of the recipe. Culinary recipes include: "Dutch Sallett" (p. 202); "To Rost Lobsters" (p. 60); "A Lambs head & Appurtenances" (p. 100); "To Season a Turkey Pye" (p. 137); oatmeal puddings (three times: pp. 86, 146, & 158); "To Make Mackaroomes" (p. 81); "Scotch Collops" (p. 155); "Cardus Beer" (p. 203); "A Flesh Sallet" with turkey, neat's tongue (preserved beef tongue), fried eggs, veal, and anchovies (p. 101); "To make Biscatelles for Banqueting" (p. 80); "To make Polonia Sausages" (p. 78); "To make Balsamick syrup" (p. 108); two recipes for French bread (pp. 38 & 111); "Oringe Marmalade" (p. 114); "To make Jews bread" (p. 305); "To make a good Cake from my Cousn Whitlock" (p. 217); "To Dry Paires Naturally Without Sugar & What Paires is Best To Dry ye Windsor, ye Norwich, ye Poppin, ye Lording & ye Kather Pair" (p. 212); "A Flurantine of Sweet-breads & Kidneys" (p. 184); and "To make birch wine" made from birch tree sap, cloves, and lemon peel. The medicinal recipes include: "To make a Sirrup of Violotts" (p. 65); "Tincture of Ambergrease" (p. 107); "Oyle of Swallows" (p. 64); "A Salve for all manner of Sores and an Excellent Scarcloth called Black Plaister" (p. 94); "An approved remedy to break an Importune in the Head or to fetch out any cold wth Deafness" (p. 99); "Lady Gray's surfeit water" (p. 298); "An infallible Receite for ye Evil & cureth a consumption in a short time; it is called all-flower water" (p. 164); and "A Medson to quicken a woman" (p. 228) made of raspberries, clove jelly flowers, juice of kermes, and sugar. There are also a few other recipes for directions on how to make wigs and get rid of rats and mice (pp. 45 & 91 respectively). At the end is a useful 23-page index. Names mentioned include: "EB," "MB," Mrs. Bateman, Mrs. Begriff, Ant. Cartwright, Dr. Coatsworth, "A Cook," "AD," Lady Digby, Mrs. Dunbar, Lady Gray, Lady Hillsway, Dr. Hows, Mrs. Humberston, Sir Edmund King (1627-1709), "HM," "JM," Matthew, Mrs. Milisent, "Mothers" or "My Mothers," "My sis Olives," Mrs. Parry, "Doctori Butler Johannson Pilkinton," "AR," Dr. Ratcliff, Mr. Reap, Sarah Salmon, Lady Southampton, Lady Stafford, Lady Sucking, Sarah Teylor, Anne Western, and Mr. Willmer.
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With the Arms of London (with dagger) watermark and "EB" counter watermark. Gavell's database (Arms.061.1) records such a paper made by Eustace Burnaby in 1677 in South Buckinghamshire or West Middlesex, England. At the Folger Library the paper was used in 1697 in the Rich papers (shelfmark: X.d. 451.85).
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