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Receipt book [manuscript]
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circa 1690-1750
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page 56 || page 57
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FSL collection
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Receipt book [manuscript]
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circa 1690-1750
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1 volume, 25 cm
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Manuscripts (documents)
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From dealer's description: "Manuscript of English cookery and medicinal receipts. Interestingly, there are two parts to this manuscript: the body of the manuscript, comprising about 90% of the work, and an index, which was added sometime later in the 18th century. To accommodate this, the binding was expertly rebacked and remarkable blue pastepaper endpapers were added. These papers are of note as they were produced by the Moravian community in Fulneck, near Pudsey, Yorkshire, c.1750. For more on the history of these pastepapers, see Schmoller, A Yorkshire source of decorative paper in the eighteenth century, 2003. The added index is lovely and is written in red and black ink. But 90% of the manuscript is written earlier and the upper wrapper of this manuscript still survives, bound in. This wrapper is equally lovely and extremely unusual in England at that time, especially for use in a cookery manuscript. It is a four-petalled fleuron, gilt-stamped over pink-red pastepaper. Just beautiful! The paper used for the cookery and medicinal receipts can be dated to the late 17th century; it matches perfectly that of Gravell SLD.096.1 (Folger Library) who dates the paper to 1694. Recipes include: To make Squab Pye; To Make a Frigacis of Rabbits White (attributed to Mrs Draper); To Make a Tansy (Mrs. Gibbons); To Make Crust for ye Mince pyes; Tincture of Rhubarb (Dr Gibbons); Sturgeon Pickle (Doctr Thurston); To Make Stoughtons Drops; To Make the Steell Wine (Dr Gibbons); and To Make Crystal jelly (noted to be “very good” in a different hand). By flipping the book over, and reading it from the other direction, the text begins with another listing of recipes, written earlier than the other index, but without giving page numbers for each item. These recipes include: To make Honey Wine (Mrs Earle); To Make Cherry Wine (Lady Orrery, noted as “very good”); To Make white Quince Marmalade (also noted as “very good”); To Preserve Strawberrys; and Mrs Andersons Receipt for the Green Sickness (calls for “fileings of Noodles” which can be had “in Crooked lane by the Monumont.” The word “Cookery” is written in manuscript on the upper board and may have been added later in the 18th century."
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270167 DFo
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Acquired from Ben Kinmont, D 9197, 2018-04-19.
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