Detail View: LUNA: Folger Digital Image Collection: [Troilus and Cressida] The famous historie of Troylus and Cresseid.

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STC 22332
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Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Source Title: 
[Troilus and Cressida] The famous historie of Troylus and Cresseid.
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F3v || F4r
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FSL collection
Creator (Hamnet): 
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Uniform Title (Hamnet): 
Troilus and Cressida
Title (Hamnet): 
The famous historie of Troylus and Cresseid. Excellently expressing the beginning of their loues, with the conceited wooing of Pandarus Prince of Licia. Written by William Shakespeare.
Title (Hamnet): 
History of Troylus and Cresseida
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet): 
London :
Publisher (Hamnet): 
imprinted by G. Eld for R. Bonian and H. Walley, and are to be sold at the spred Eagle in Paules Church-yeard, ouer against the great north doore,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet): 
Physical Description (Hamnet): 
[94] p. ; 4⁰.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Corser, Thomas, 1793-1876, former owner.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, former owner.
Notes (Hamnet): 
A reissue of STC 22331, with cancel title page and preface.
Notes (Hamnet): 
In verse.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Signatures: A⁴(-A1,+[par.]²) B-L⁴ M².
Notes (Hamnet): 
The last leaf is blank.
Citations (Hamnet): 
ESTC (RLIN) S111177
Citations (Hamnet): 
Greg, I, 279(aII)
Citations (Hamnet): 
Pforzheimer, 898
Citations (Hamnet): 
STC (2nd ed.), 22332
Folger Holdings Notes (Hamnet): 
cs1401. Wanting the blank leaf. Trimmed thoughout, affecting first line of title and headlines. Red goatskin binding, signed by Frank Bedford. Provenance: possibly Thomas Corser copy (lacking the Corser collation mark); armorial bookplate of Frederick Locker-Lampson (motto "fear God fear nought"); bookplate (and MS. shelf-mark) of Elihu Dwight Church; Huntington Library duplicate copy; bookplate of Herschel V. Jones
Call Number (Hamnet): 
STC 22332