Detail View: LUNA: Folger Digital Image Collection: A pair of spectacles, or, The London stage in 1824-5 [graphic].

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ART 230994 (size M)
Source Creator: 
Williams, Charles, fl. 1797-1830, printmaker, attributed name.
Source Title: 
A pair of spectacles, or, The London stage in 1824-5 [graphic].
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London : Pub'd by John Fairburn, Broad Way Ludgate Hill, Jany. 24, 1825.
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FSL collection
Creator (Hamnet): 
Williams, Charles, fl. 1797-1830, printmaker,
Title (Hamnet): 
A pair of spectacles, or, The London stage in 1824-5 [graphic].
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet): 
London :
Publisher (Hamnet): 
Pub'd by John Fairburn, Broad Way Ludgate Hill,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet): 
Jany. 24, 1825.
Physical Description (Hamnet): 
1 print : hand-colored etching ; image 215 x 332 mm.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Actors -- 19th century, depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Caricatures -- 19th century.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Foote, Maria, 1797?-1867 -- Performances, depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Foote, Maria, 1797?-1867, depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
John Bull (Symbolic character), depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833 -- Performances, depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833, depicted.
Subject (Hamnet): 
Prints -- 19th century.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878, associated name.
Associated Name (Hamnet): 
Fairburn, John, publisher.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Exhibited: Five Years of Acquisitions, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C., October 26, 1990-March 17, 1991. DFo
Notes (Hamnet): 
George notes that this print has been attributed to G. Cruikshank but attributes it to Williams, as it is done in his manner.
Notes (Hamnet): 
Three half-length figures at the base of the design look up at two circles linked to form giant spectacles. In one (left), inscribed Tragedy, Kean as Richard III postures, leaning to the right, on a pedestal inscribed Drury Lane. In his right hand he holds upside down a moneybag inscribed Minus £800 from which sovereigns and bank-notes pour out. He holds a mask. In the other circle Maria Foote dances elegantly to the left, holding out a money-bag inscribed £3,000, in the other a mask. Below, and on a larger scale than the other figures, John Bull, a stout 'cit' in old-fashioned wig, sits squarely, chin and hands resting on his stick; he turns up his eyes, one towards Kean the other to Maria, registering intense melancholy; he says with down-drawn mouth: Horrible! Horrible! most Horrible! Hamlet. On the left a handsome décolletée woman (Mrs. Cox?) looks up at Kean, both arms extended. A man of fashion (right), resembling Col. Berkeley, looks foppishly up at Miss Foote through an eye-glass. In the upper margin: All the World's a Stage, and all the Men and Women merely Players." Shakspeare.--Adapted from George.
Citations (Hamnet): 
George, vol. X, pp. 516-517, no. 14864
Folger Holdings Notes (Hamnet): 
Trimmed within platemark.
Call Number (Hamnet): 
ART 230- 994 (size M)