Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 12 verso || folio 13 recto
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FSL collection
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*To cause meruelous Dreames. Take the bloode of a Lapwink and rubbe your temples with it and so goe to your bedde & yow shall see merueilous thinges in your sleepe. or els if yow [take] eate at night a little of the herbe called Henban, and yow shall see in the night goodlye thinges in your Dreame. * To make a Candell that can not be put out. Take virgine waxe, & Brimstone well purged, asmuch much of the one, as of the other, and melte it together and make therof a candell, the which will neuer be put out vntill it be burned and consumed to the ende. * To make that your children shall haue no payne or greefe on ther teeth Take an olde Cocke and cut of his combe, & take of the blud that commeth of it and rubbe the gummes with it, and they shall neuer feele payne. * ffor to make a cleere voyce Take the floures of an Elder tree and Drye them in the sunne, but take heade they take no moisture or wette, then make a pouder of them, and Drincke of it with white wine euerye morninge fastinge. * for one that hath his light troubled. Take the lunges or lightes of a Barrow hogge with all the appurtenances and seeth it in water, and when it is sodden let him holde his eies ouer the smoke of it, & in three or foure [Dayes] times Doynge he shall be cured of that trouble yt. 24. folio 13 recto 13 * for one that is broke Take of the roote of Bugle or Cumferey and put of it into the breade that he eateth euery daye, and let him eate euerye daye of the sayde roote, ether rawe or rost, and it shallbe a very [health] healthfull for his Desease. * for one that hath his coddes swollen. Take Rue and stampe it, & laye it vpon his coddes, & immediatly they will aswage ther swellinge, which thinge is sufficiently proued. * Agaynst the Plage Take iij vnces of the licour of the inward rine of an Ashe tree and still it with iij vnces of white [winde] wine, & geue the pacient Drinke of it euerye iij houres, & within xxiiij houres he shall be cured. * To make womens milke encrease. Take fenell seede and seeth it in barley water, & geue the woman Drinke of it, & her milke shall encrease abundantlye. * A preseruation in time of Pestilence or Plage, and against all venim or poison, & bitinge of a madde dogge. If yow eate before your meales, a walnutt or tow, tow drie figges, & some leaues of Gardine Rue, with a corne of salt, it will be a good preseruatiue in the time of the Plage, & agaynst all poison. And the same beinge stamped & laye to the bitiinge of a madd Dogge it healeth it, so doe Nutmegges allso worke the like effecte. 25
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