Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 13 verso || folio 14 recto
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FSL collection
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*To kill lise, and nittes in the heade. Take the pouder or scrapinge of Hartes horne, & make the pacient to Drinke it and ther will no lise nor nittes breede in his heade, but if yow strowe the sayde pouder vpon his heade, all the lise & nittes will die. * To make letters of golde without golde, Take an vnce of Orpimente, & an vnce of fyne Christall, & braye them eche one by him selfe, than mingle them together, with the whites of Egges, & write with it. * To make siluer letters without siluer Take an vnce of tinne, tow vnces of quicke [syl] syluer, & melte them to gether, then braye them with Gummed water, and wryte with it. * To make green letters Take the iuyce of Rue, verdegrise, & saffron: braye them well all together, and write ther with, with Gummed water. * To make that no Dogge shall barke at yow Take a blacke Dogge and plucke out one of his eies and holde it in your left hande, and by reason of the sauour and smell there of the Dogges will not barke at yow. 26. folio 14 recto 14 * for to make wilde beastes shall non hurt yow ffor to be assured and safe from wilde Beastes, as Wolues, Beares, and such other like, take the grease of a Lion, & annointe your selfe therwith ouer & ouer, & go hardely wher you will and no beast shall hurt yow, but as sone as they smel the sauour of the grease, they will runn a waye. And if by chaunce yow meete with a Wolfe, or other wilde beast, ronne not awaye but with a good corage go euen to him that he maye smel the grease that yow ar anointed with all, & he will flye. * To take the payne and greafe of the gente. Take a greate foul called a vultour, & take the skinne of her right heele and laye vpon the right foote of the pacient, then take the skinne of the left heele and laye it vpon his left foote, and incontinent yow shall see that in halfe an houer the payne will go a waye. which is a meruelous thinge. * for to see wilde beastes in a Dreame. Take the harte of an Ape, and laye it vnder your heade, when you go to bed so that it touche your heade, & you shall see meruelous thinges, & all kindes of beastes, as Lions, Beares, Wolfes, Apes, Tigars, & other like. 27.
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