Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 15 verso || folio 16 recto
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FSL collection
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*To take oile or grease out of cloth of what colour so euer it be, without any drop of water Take some sheepes feete, and make them very cleane then seethe them, and eate them and keape the bones of the right foote the which made cleane you shall burne and make therof a cleane and fine pouder. This done heate the sayde pouder and laye it vpon the spot, & let it remayne in the sunne, & when yow see that the pouder beginneth to waxe blacke, take it by and by of, & put other freshe vpon it, and doe this so [often that] often that you see the pouder no more blacke and then the spotte will be gon, & the colour of the cloth not perishe. * for one that can not sleape, nor take his reast, neither for payne in the heade or other like cause Take oile of Violettes with the yolke of an egge, & womans milke, as much of the one, as of the other, & [ha] hauinge mingled all to gether make therof a plaister and laye it ether vpon his foreheade or vpon his eyes, and the payne will cease, and Desier of sleape shall come vpon him. * To make a horse haue a good hoofe. Take oxe Dunge, & temper it with vinagre & at night laye it hotte vpon his feete and wrappe them vp in some cloutes, to the intente that the heate maye keape in, whiles it maketh his operation, & by and by it will be a good hoofe. 30 folio 16 recto 16 * To keape roses freshe all the yeare Take the buddes of Roses when they begin to open, and Gather them in the euening with a knife, and in the night folowing set them in the aier abrode, and in the morning put them in a vessell of ea^rth well leaded within, and stoppe it well. & couer it with drie sande. symbol resembing & within a square The secret and properties of an egge And first the rounde egge set vnder the hen bringeth fourth a hen chicke, & the longe egge set vnder the hen, bringeth fourth a Cocke chicke. all so the egge with the shell layed in vineger for iij dayes space, doth after so soften it, that any maye woorke the same at length like vnto wax. And the same Egge afterwarde layd in water, doth com agayne vnto the former estate. Allso, if an egge be paynted with sundry coulours, and the same set vnder an hen to bringe forth: she shall hatch a chicken hauinge the like feathers vnto the coulours paynted on the egge. Allso the egge layed for iij dayes space in stronge vineger, and after for one whole moneth layed to drye agayne in the sunne, will after come vnto the hardnes of a stone. 31.
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