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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 16 verso || folio 17 recto
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FSL collection
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*A proper practise to make a capon to bring vp yonge Cickines ffirst to do this take a capon & pull the bellye bare of fethers, and after rubbe the naked place with nettels, settinge yonge cickines vnder him, & he will then merue= =louslye cherishe them, and bringe them kindelye vp, And the rather, if you so accostome to vse the Capon the like for a time: for by that meanes he is moued the willinger to cherishe bringe vp, and feede, yea and to loue them so wel, as the hen naturallye woulde Doe. And the reason of this is, in that through the prickinge of the nettels he is ther by the rather Desirous to touche the softe Downe and feathers of the younge Chickines sittinge vnder him. * To make any foule, of meat condition the same be, to haye the feathers all white To doe this take the egges and role them in the iuyce of the herbe called Mouse eare, or in the iuyce of the herbe called houselyke, or other wise in oyle (after the minde of Cardanus) and after put the Egges agayne in the nest for after the hatchinge ther feathers shall grow white. 32 folio 17 recto 17 * for to get out any thinge that sticketh in a mans body, as thornes & suche other. Take a peece of a sponge or wulle Dipped in pisse & laye it vpon the thinge that sticketh in the fleshe & it will com out without payne. Or els take sume lard & seeth it in his owne grease, & then laye it vpon the soore place & winde it, & it will Drawe out anythinge that sticketh in the fleshe. * to make wartes fall of When you kill a Hogge, let him that hath the warts receyue the bloode euen whot [hot] vpon the place where the wartes be, & assone as it is Dry let him washe it of. And if it be a woman that hath those wartes, she must take the bloode of a sowe, and she shall b healed of them. * Agaynst the wormes that engender in mens bodyes Yow shall take the galle of a Bulle, and dippe some w[o]ulle in it, & laye it on the nauell, & it will make the wormes come out of the bodye. * Agaynst the payne of the Collicke comminge sodaynelye Take the heele of a hare, and carye it about yow, & the sodayne collicke shall neuer take yow. 33
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