Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].

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A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Burlington, Richard Boyle, Earl of, 1612-1698, compiler.
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ca. 1630
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folio 27 verso || folio 28 recto
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FSL collection
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Flyes boute the paynted flowers with nimble wing Deflowring the sweete Virgins of the Spring Soe will I rifle all the sweets that dwell In my delicious Paradice, & swell My bag with honie draune forthe by the power Of feruent kisses from each Spicy flower Ile search the rosebuds in their perfumde bed The violet knots, Ile curious mazes tread. Through al; the garden, tast the ripened cherries, The warme firme Apples tip'd with crimson berries. Then will I visit with a wandring kisse The vale of Lyllies & the bower of blisse And where the beautious region doth deuide Into two milkey waies my lippes shall slide Downe those smooth allies, wearing as they goe A track for louers in the printed snow. Thence climing o're the swelling Appenine Retire into the grooue of Eglantine Where I will all those rauisht loues distill Through loues alimbeck & with chimick skill From the mixt masse our Souueraigne balme deriue Then bring the great Elizar to the hiue. Now in subtile wreathes I will entwine My sinnouy legs thighs & a^ r mes with thine Thou like a sea of milke shalt lie displaide, While I the smooth calme Ocean will inuade With such a tempest as when Ioue of olde Fell downe on Danae in a showre of golde Yet page break 28. Yet my tall pine shall in thy cyprian strate Ride safe at anchor & vnlade her fraite. My rudder with thy bold hand like a tride And skillfull Pilot thou shalt steere & guide. My barke into loues channell, where it shall Daunce as the bounding waues doe rise & fall. Then Shall thy circling armes embrace & clip My naked body & thy balmy lippe Bath mee in iuyce of kisses, whose perfume Like a religious incense shall consume And send vp holy vapours to those powers That bless our Soules, & croune our sportfull howers That with such Halcyon calmes fixe our soules In stedfast peace that noe annoy controuls. There noe rude sound affrights with suddain starts Nor iealous eares when wee vnrip our hearts. Suck our discourse in noe obseruing parts This blush that glaunce traduc'd nor wee betrayd To riuals by the bribed chambermayds. Noe wedlo^ c ke bonde vnwreath'd our twisted loue Wee seeke now midnight arbour noe darke grooue. To hide our kisses. There the hated name Of husband, or of wife, best, chast or shame Are emptie words, & raine, whose verie sound Was neuer heard in the Elyzian ground. all things are lawfull there that may delight Nature or vnrestrained appetite. Like & enioy; to will & acte is one Wee onely sinn when loues rights are not done. The
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