Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].

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A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Burlington, Richard Boyle, Earl of, 1612-1698, compiler.
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ca. 1630
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folio 34 verso || folio 35 recto
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FSL collection
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His wife comes Sobbing criying shee is lost Vndone, forsaken twentie things beside Then wrung her hands & then againe shee cride I putting on some grauitie demaund What doth afflict her thus what vnkind hand Hath cau'sd this blubbr'ing tumult, shee replies Her husband is growne false, & then shee cries I laught at this Parenthesis, & entreate That shee would doe Soe, now shee givs repeate The cause, forsooth her husband hee was gone To'th Cristning of a child that was his owne But not begott on her, I smi'ld at this And bid her gett another man to kisse And then crie quittance with him, but shee swore Shee would not for - God blesse vs bee a whore. I would haue tempted her but that the night Which hastned on tooke mee from that delight And then went Strait to Mims where I more bold Ask't for Bels ^w agger at which woemen Scold And flung there durt about this heauie curse I scap't by the swift running of my horse Whoe quicly brings mee to Blaclocks & hee Vnto S t Albans bore mee companie Where with a ciuill cup beetwixt vs two Wee wisht all health to M rs . Anne & you And page break 35. And Soe to rest wee went, Slept out the night And in the morning the Same health recite I then was truly happy but hard fate Vrg'd mee to leaue this my soe much lou'd mate And lesse accepted company mee halse Now on my iourney towards craggie Wales Out of S t Albains gone I greiued spie Lord Bacon s buildings now neclected lie. Oh who would trust this world that e're had Seen Whole troupes of Suppliants at those gates t'haue been Whoe with a fawning cringe & downecast eye Would kisse the ground as hee went passing by Who would have sold their soules to gett his nod And a'wd his frowne more then they did there God. Yet now these Parasites goe passing by And say hee sentenc't was deseruedly.. These thoughts brought mee to Redburne where I Spie The Country Mayds e'ury where f ^r isking by Trust mee a prettie one I had espide But your commaund her companie deride. And then I durst not, but went iogging on To Dunstable whose was is famous growne. Nor doth way its durt in fame transcend Where once that lights it stayes, tis a sure friend. And Soe to St^ r atford whose too flintie Soile Yeelds nothing ^worth my writing toile. But pardon if a little I transgresse In Seeking my next Subiect to expresse I
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