Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].

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A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Burlington, Richard Boyle, Earl of, 1612-1698, compiler.
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ca. 1630
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folio 37 verso || folio 38 recto
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FSL collection
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But ere that hee could of an answere thinke I'cald for wine to make his worship drinke: So after two or three cups hee forgot His drinke, in hope to haue the other plot Whils't our two louers by a backway trace Out of this Inn into Some safer place. Send them good luck & a succesfull gale To carry them to Dublyn or Youghale Wales now expects my company & I O're Chester sands to the Welsh countrie hie. Flint first receau'd mee where I wondring see Of Welsh & English such a company. It was a faire, forsooth, wherein was sold Both bootes & shoes I & lace to of gold But this the younge men from the rest doe Sift To giue their sweetharts for a fairings = gift. T'was sport alone to see them buy & sell This could noe Welsh t'other noe English tell. Yet both together in the end agree To bee i'th Ale = house drunke for company. I fear'd their drunken fate, & rid apace To Holywell that much renowned place Whose well was first fam'd by a Maydens death And since kept sacred by the Papists breath. page break 38. Whoe come each yeare hither to wash their skins Thinking thereby to wash away their sins. I though noe Pilgrim did there often swim Vnder pretence to wash each sinfull limbe But there's another reason that inuites Mee to these holy (as they thinke them) rites The men & woemen doe together laue Their tender bodies in this Springing waue. Oh I haue seene Such beauties naked heer, Would make those Saints in humane shapes t'appeare To whome they pray soe humbly & desier To bee there seruants Strooke with Paphian fire. But they nor hear them, nor haue power to come To this on earth from their Elizium They are far better where they are but I Liu'd willing heer hauing that company Ti's a strange fate some writers doe professe None diying Papists come to happinesse Shall such rich beauties in a fier frie When deform'd soules shall liue eternally In ioyes beyond expression, because they Doe the same thing but in another way. A sentence to to cruell, oh tis hard When such perfection is from heauend bard And yet oftimes I like their iudgement well For here come some are onely fitt for Hell.
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