Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 21 verso || folio 22 recto
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FSL collection
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folio 22 recto 22 *a tretee receipte of mr Gascoignes cortiall powder Take of the ragges of pearle or seede pearle of redd currall, of Crabbes eyes, hartes horne, of white Amber. of each a like quantitie beinge all severally beaten into fyne powder & serced through a fyne search. then take soe much of the blacke typps or toes of the Crabbes clawes, as of all of the rest of the powders (for that is the mayne agent of the wourke) and beate & serche them as you doe all the rest of the powders. then waye them severally. and take soe much of the typpettes or towes. as of all the other fyve powders. & mixt them all well togeather: then make [the] it vp into balles. with some iellie made of Hartes horne, wherein you must infuse some saffron more or lesse as you desyer to have them cullored soe lett them [drye] lye vntill they be drye & fully decocted and then vse them as you have occasion. If the Crabb typpets or toes may be had before they be boyled yt is soe muche the better, otherwise they may [be] serued being boyled, soe the Crabb be in season and thatt is eyther in the Moneth of May or September. This powder being finely shauen or scraped with a knife may be taken in a spoonfull of dragon water or Cordine water, 10 grayns at a tyme, washing it downe with an other spoonfull of the same water. but to a young Child 7 graynes may suffice/ The vertews of this pouder *It is good to preuent the small poxe & to putt forth the disease *It reccouereth those that be fallen into a Consumption yf itt be taken dayly for a good tyme together. *It is most excellent in all violent and burning feauers, and agaynst all sortes of poysons./ *It serueth especially to master and extirpate the venome of that most fearfull and infectious disease, The Plague, wherin noe Terra semina sigillata, Bezers stone or Vnicorns horne, though taken in a double proportion cann match itt, or show itt selfe equiualent./
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