Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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part 2.
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ca. 1650-ca. 1700
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page 38 || page 39
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FSL collection
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38 Whyt pye + tak blainshed Almonds bray them with Ane Mwstard bwllatt in ane big wodn dish & season them with shwgar and whyt wyn & sinamond so work yowr paist Lyk o y r paist for baken meett being well bowtored & Mak yowr py weell bwt nott deape Ane Cowstard + tak ane qwartt of Milk and swm Eigs so Ma n y as yow think will thicken yowr Milk & Cast them well togither & season them with shwgar and a Litll saltt Mak yowr Cwstard in ane prity drawght bott nott deep garnish itt with slysed Cordisidron or Car r Confits or shwgar over all so baik and serve it Cream tairtt + tak grean herbs for gream and veolats for blew plowmdamays for blak, the whyt of Eigs for whyt, yolks for oriang, any o y r Collors yow will find in gardings season this with shwgar, & synamon Mak ane rownd for Eatch Collor & sett all yowr Collors in ordor with trinshes on ane Cake yowr bread most be baked and dry befor yowr Creams com in then sett them in again & itt will grow smowth bott abowe all twtch them with ambwrgries 39 + Ane frainsh appll tairtt tak & drive owt ane pace of paist & Lett itt be rownd Abowt the bread of ane plate & sett ane rownd bordow within ane Einsh and Ane half of the Eidg of itt Mak yowr bordor two Einsh deepe pwt yowr appls into itt being paired and Coared big them very hye season them with shwgar & synam one & claritt wyn so Cover them with ane Cake of pwf paist & when itt is bakin a litll Cowt owt the breadth of ane Litll sawcer owt of its toop and then pwt in yowr Claritt not till itt is near baken. then Mak ane Crown for itt with ane toop & garnish itt with pears preserved, sett wp the Lips of itt hansomly Ane goows pye + yow Most fasion it Conform to the goows & sleip the flesh ofe the boans & keep itts flesh wholl pwt within itt ane Capon so doon & within itt ane hen and with in itt minshed Meet seson itt with blak spys ginger & nwtmig & Mace & sett hir breast with Clows yow may bake ane goows only with Minshed Meett [and] sowsed of Mwton or beef with beef or Mwton shewitt hir boans all being taken owtt of hir
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