Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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part 2.
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ca. 1650-ca. 1700
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page 40 || page 41
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FSL collection
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40 Chirrie tairtt + tak yowr Cherries and pwt, them in yowr tairtt shwgar its botom well pwt in with them a Litll fresh bowtor & shwgar them well above & when they are near baked seson them well with Clarritt wyn Cwrron tairtt + Mak yowr Corron tairts 3 poynted season them with shwgar; synnamon, & Claritt Lett the tairt be bott half ane Einsh deap or so great reasons + Mak them 5 or 7 or nyn poynted ston them or not if yow pleas bott they are best stoned seson them as the Corons and of the depness of the cowron tairtt Feigge tairts baitt owt yowr feigs broad and season them as the Cowron tairts and of thatt deapnes, bott in fyftain or, 16 poynts it most be fasioned pear pye + tak pears pair & Coar them then preser ve them and Mak yowr tairtt Conform to yowr pears and Garnishe itt with the sam peares above when itt is baked season it to yowr pleaswr so serve them 41 Ane oister pye + tak yowr oistwrs from the shels and season itt with blak spys, and ginger, Nwtmig, and shwgar, sacke and vinigar Mak yowr py rownd with ane towrrat or a shape of ane Clam shell so baik and Yows itt hott or Cowld bott best hott Ane Chickin pye + tak .16. Chikins itt will tak ane peck of flowr if they be big ons, seson yowr Chikins with blake spys, ginger, and nwtmig & saltt tak yowr Chikins & tak owt he breast bons and pwt greatt reasons in ther bellies, pwt in the pye ane pownd & half of sweett bowtor aftwr the py is baken tak Eigs and baitt them and and Mingell them with whytt wyn & boyll them well togither and fill the py to the Lipe forgett nott to boyll shwgar into yowr wyn and Eigs, so it will Lwk Lyk Cowstard above yowr Chick ins itt being hott and new baked whey yow yows itt
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