Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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part 2.
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ca. 1650-ca. 1700
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page 42 || page 43
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FSL collection
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42 + Ane gowsberrie tairtt tak yowr gowsberries being well pilked & Rwbed with ane Cloath then pwt them in yowr py and season them with shwgar & synnamon, and sweett bowtor pwt in them ane Numbwr of small Cowrons, Liqwar the ? with Clarritt wyn then shwgar them ab ove so when they are baked serve itt hott or itt is best Cowld an Ane dow pye + tak ten pair of dows & pwt in yowr pye they will tak ane peck of flowr, seson them with black spys and sweett bowtor fill ther bellies if yow pleas with plowm damis shorn persall and bowtor so Cloas itt and bake itt to Mak black powdings tak ane ing lish qwartt of sheeps blowd & ane o y r of Creame & ten Eiggs well baiten then thicken itt with whyt grated bread and baiten groats of Eatch a Lyk qwantity, swm beaf or Mwton shewitt to yowr pleaswr shread small & swm marrow Cowfin Litll bwts then season it with nwtmig, salt Mace, Clows, tym & Margellin, penniroyall shread small & Mingll all togither yow May scatwr swm Cowrons, so fill yowr Clean gwts and boyll them 43 Ane Cowslip tansay tak the yolks of ten Eigs & two or three whyts bait them well togither then pwt in ane qwartor ane. ing. lish pynt of Creame, then tak ane good qwantity of Cowslips stamp them and tak ther Ioyce and strain amongest the Cream and Eigs then tak a Litll nwtmigs and shwgar & mingll all togither & sett itt on ane Chofingdish of coals & keep itt well stired till it be prity hard sett itt o n the toop of the platte and straw shwgare o n itt and sett itt above ane dish with warm watwr to keep itt hott till itt Com to tabll Ane tairtt or fyn powdings + tak half ane pownd of almonds and blainsh & baitt small with roaswatwr, then graitt ane pennie Loaf or Cwt itt in thin sheaves and Lay itt to soak in Coald thick kream, and when thyr ? ne well soaked powr the Cream from them if ther bee any & brows yowr bread small with ane spown & pott to itt the yolks of .6. Eigs a litll satt half ane pownd of shwgar & ane qwartor ane pownd of sweett bowtor, when yow have Mix ed all well togither, bak it in ane iron pane bott if yow Mak it ane tairt do it in ane paist or Cofing pwdings of pigs Livers tak yowr Livers & parboyll them stamp them with fowr spownfwls of Cream and stwr them with the whyts of two Eigs and a litll grated bread & shreed shewit & a few Corons with Clows, Mace, spys, and salt, & roaswatr Mingll all and pwt in yowr gowts & boyll them
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