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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 23 verso || folio 24 recto
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FSL collection
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folio 24 recto 24 *a medicine for the stone in the bladder approved by mr Rotheram Take i gallon of fai[h]r[t]e Cundit water and iij handfulls of the Cropps of heath and seath it togeather [the] till halfe be consumed then strayne it & drynck thereof a good draught first in the morninge & as much at night when you goe to bed warmed. the drinck is lyke to a pallet Claret wyne in Cullor & yf the tast doe not lyke your stomake put into your draught iij or iiij dropps of Cinamon water. this to be vsed i moneth togeather will breake & consume to stone in the bladder you shall not know howe but by feelinge the ease of the former payne it is especiall good allso against the Strangully & to passe vrin well for the stone in the backe . Take some v or vj spoonfulls of white wyne ij spoonfulls of salett oyle & a nutmegg Cutt into [s] smale peeces or grated and beat all these togeather verie well and then drinck it & walk temperately a myle or somewhat lesse after it but beware of taking colde or standinge still after it till you come [w] home againe & it will passe downe the stone easilie & strengthen the back greately . * a playster for the same purpose & to passe vrin easilie & quickly Take the ioyce of Plantin gartem Tansey, howse licke & ffetherffewe. the ioyce to be made by stampinge & strayinge the hearbes severally in maye & soe kepte in glasses till you have cause to vse them then take of the plant Tansey & ffetherffewe [& tansaye] ioyce a lyke quantitie & of the howselycke ioyce halfe as much as of i of the other and boyle then in a skyllett or pipkin & when they have well boyled put to it beane flower & honye to make it as into a salve & then spread of it on a playster & laye it warme to your backe & soe to come on both sydes round aboute to your belly & keepe it there & it will cause water to passe and woorke a woonderfull affecte.
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