Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 29 verso || folio 30 recto
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FSL collection
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folio 30 recto 30 *A medicine for the pestylence that was taught kinge henry the vijth by his physysion Take halfe a hanfull of rewe, lykewise of mandragoryes, fetherfey sorrell Burnett lyke much: and a quantytie of cropes & rootes of dragons: wash them cleane and seath them vppon a sought fyer from a pottell to a quarte then strayne it thorough a cleane cloth & yf it be bytter putt to yt a quantytie of suger candy or other suger and yf this meadicine be vsed before the purples be oute you shalbe whole by gods grace. *A preservation agaynest the plague Take a hanfull of sage a hanfull of reue a hanfull elderleaves a hanfull of red bremble leaves stampe them together strayne it thorough a cloth with a quarte of white wine take a quantytie of gin[su]ger and myngell them all together and dryncke therof eueninge and morninge a sponefull nyne dayes together * ffor the party infected with the plage yf it ffortune one be sicke before he hath taken the foresaide medicine then take the water of scabias a sp[p]onnefull water of Bytton asmuch a quantytie of treakell putt it together and drynke it and it will expell all the venuim * A medicine to breake the botch yf the boch doe appeere then take bremble leaves Elder leaves mustard seede & stampe them all together & make a playster of it & laye it to the sore & it will drawe out all the vennum * A medycine for the plage Take iijte slyppes of rewe and syxe spoonefules of Vinygeare and beate it to gether strayne oute the Ioyce thereof put thereto an ounce of fyne treakell & an ounce of [trea] suger & stur it to gether then sett it over the fyer & make thereof a sorrop then putt in to a pott or glase and take a sage leafe & euery morninge fastinge spred as much as a beane thereof vpon the same leafe & so eate it [from] ^yf he that taketh it be infected yt will drive it from the [his] harte & yf the partie be not infected it will [p] preserve him xxiiij houers after * A playser to drawe the sore Take a sponnefull of honny, of Ioyse of spurge ij sponnefuls & a half one sponefull of turpyntine, a quantytie of wheaten flower temper these to gether with oute fyer & make of the same a playster & laye it to the sore chaunge it at every xxiiij houers * A good medicine agaynst the plauge approvid Take a cocke pullett or [ch] chyckin & lett the fethers of the tayle of the highest parte be plucked of till the rumpe be bare then holde the saide bare of the pullet to the sore and the pullett will guape, & labore for lyfe, & in the ende will dye then have another pullett & doe the lyke to the patiente, and yf that dye, then still apply the patient with pullettes, so longe as any doe dye, for when poyson by the saide chyckins is drawne fourth, the [patientes] chyckinges that be offered there vnto will lyve, then the sore presently will swage the party fourth which recovereth, this medicine nessysary to dryve Vennum from the harte. 46
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